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October 31, 2017


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Thank you for the great review, Hagland; both yours and the Joffrey's! This Giselle will be on my list of must see ballets.

What a vivid review, Haglund! I could see the ballet taking place as you told it: the second foot pointed in the glissades, the pique arabesques rolling down into penche, the 32+ entrechats six, the missile-like grand jetes (what a great simile!), the autumn-colored costumes, the "dirt"-streaked tulle of the Wilis. I especially loved that you had a Hilarion who captured every nuance of the role and gave a distinctive performance. It seems to me that decades ago the role of Hilarion barely registered in the ballet; that he was just to move the story along, not to dance. Or perhaps I misremember. These days the role of Hilarion is as important to me as Albrecht. I'll never forget Gennadi Saveliev in that role--as he tried to escape into one wing after another, he looked as if fright itself were pushing him away.

Reading your blog is the next best thing to being there!

Thank you Georgiann and Angelica.

I only got to go to Chicago because Hurricane Harvey nixed my plans to go to Houston to see HB's Mayerling. As it turned out, I got to see Jared and Yuriko dance anyway (up here) and ended up seeing a superb production of my most favorite ballet in one of my favorite cities. Can't whine about that at all.

I thank you too Haglund for your word painting of this production of Giselle -- a ballet I also love. Your reviews are really the next best thing to being there. I wonder if English National Ballet will bring their new version here.

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