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October 18, 2017


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The Koch Theater's website doesn't even jibe with itself; the PDF version of the casting linked there, updated yesterday ( https://davidhkochtheater.com/DHKT/media/DHKT/ABT/Casting%20PDF/FA17-Casting-101717.pdf ), matches the current ABT calendar (as far as the new Ratmansky piece is concerned). Overall, the PDF versions tend to match the ABT calendar much more closely than the cast listings on the various "Purchase Tickets" pages on the Koch website, which can be very sloppy--dates sometimes missing, listed more than once, etc.

As of Monday, Lendorf was also replaced by Gorak in Symphonic Variations (at both the Saturday matinee and the Sunday matinee according to ABT's calendar but Saturday only according to the Koch PDF), and he was replaced by Maloney in Souvenir d'un lieu cher (which also appears to have been the case at the recent Fall for Dance performances of that piece at City Center).

Hey, Haglund. Thanks for the heads up about this. I also noticed that on ABT's website, Gorak has replaced Lendorf in his performances of Symphonic Variations, as well. The Koch website still lists Lendorf as dancing it on Oct. 22, though.

While I wish Lendorf a speedy recovery (if he's in fact not well), I'm very glad to be able to see Gorak in the non-Misty cast of Symphonic Variations!

Lendorf has just been replaced by G. Shayer on the ABT calendar. Opposite Boylston. Saturday Matinee looks least offensive among the options to see Shevchenko/Royal.

Thanks, Kallima. Too bad it's not Gabe with Skylar. How cleanly balletic, coordinated, and un-dumpy that would be -- not to mention it would sell more tickets.

Thanks CMM and FoF for noticing the additional changes and the fact that the Koch website sometimes doesn't jibe with itself.

Hi Haglund,

I attended ABT's Fall Gala, and while I'm certainly more of a story ballet kind of gal, I really enjoyed the evening. Ratmansky's Songs of Bukovina is definitely worth seeing, in my opinion. I also liked Thirteen Diversions, as well as The Gift (which, unfortunately, won't be performed again).

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