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October 24, 2017


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I saw "Le Corsaire" near Kansas City on Sunday and LOVED it! Happily the filming was also good. Seeing the Bolshoi was a treat. Not many people in the audience here; maybe a handful. Daniel Ulbricht and his Stars of American Ballet will be in Kansas City this Friday, and I'm so excited to see them again! He was amazing last year in "Tarantella" with Megan Fairchild! Loved all the NYCB dancers that performed. Grateful to Daniel U.for bringing a little of New York to the Midwest! Oh, and ABT will be coming to Chicago in February with similar programming as their NYC fall offering. May have to pass on that.

Georgiann, what a fabulous program Ulbricht is bringing to Kansas City! Wait until you see Reichlen and Janzen in the Diamonds PdD (I'm making a casting assumption there, but wow!) They are almost too beautiful together for the eyes to take. And you're getting Who Cares?, too! You'll be on Cloud 9 for quite a long time after this performance.

Agree, Georgiann, about skipping Chicago. ABT is making itself look less and less important by taking such a low budget, insignificant program to a huge market area like Chicago. I guess we have to face the truth that ABT is apparently trying to run itself out of business.

The Hearts for Houston benefit was one of the nicest evenings I've ever spent at a dance performance because people's genuine desire to help was palpable. I loved Yuriko in the Madame Butterfly pas de deux; her effortless dancing is still a joy to watch and she and Jared are sorely missed at ABT. As for the AD, I was aghast at the sight of him, showing his support or whatever it was. I doubt that the same kind of assistance given to Jared and Yuriko ever would be made available to him.

Hello Haglund, I attended the ABT program on Thursday 10/19, and I have to say, I wasn't a huge fan of Jessica Lang's Her Notes. I wonder if you ever saw Pennsylvania Ballet perform any pieces by Robert Weiss? Lang's piece reminded me of Weiss, who is Balanchine-lite. Lang and Weiss sure can string a set of steps together and set the steps to pretty music, but I didn't find anything really compelling about it.

Symphonic Variations by Frederick Ashton was not particularly well executed, IMO. All involved seemed to have different interpretations of where to time movements - on the upbeat or the downbeat? People kept landing leaps at different times - I found it quite distracting. I wondered if it was me, if I was demanding too much uniformity? Perhaps the dancers were being expressive?

Other Dances by Hee Seo and David Hallberg was the highlight of the program for me. Good choreography, well danced.

Serenade after Plato's Symposium is a bit long for my taste. The dancing was quite good, but it seemed like a long piece in an overlong overall program.

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