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November 21, 2017


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ABT is including Other Dances at the Kennedy Center are they not? I recall seeing Lane/Cornejo listed on the casting sheet.

Gee, I didn't think they could do an anniversary celebration more poorly than the way they "honored" Tudor a few years ago.

And then there is the issue of featuring Isabella Boylston and her sloppy, goopy, un-light style in a role made for Makarova's brilliant articulation. Not exactly a compliment to the choreographer.

Other Dances alone does not constitute a tribute to Robbins by ABT. I guess that they are too busy propping-up their unofficial new Associate Choreographer Millepied?

LOL. Millepied has always fashioned himself as the new Robbins.

Also, inserting the unpolished, ungainly, goopy dancing of Isabella Boylston in a role made for the exquisite articulation of Makarova is no compliment.

Haglund, thanks for posting that amazing vid by Nicola of Yuriko's Rose Adagio rehearsal. I noted the hearty clapping by the corps. I would be great if another Candid Camera could capture the Fakerina's own Rose Adagio attempt. Maybe she will surprise everyone?

Nicola has a clip of the last part of the grand pdd with the fishdives with the fakerina and the Aussies' strongest partner. Copeland looks clumsy and ungainly with no speed to her very careful and not wholly successful turns. Her arms and hands are hideous. Even her simple glissades are heavy and amateurish. There is no grace, no lightness in any of her dancing. She has no clue as to what it means to be musical. It makes me sick to my stomach to see her and Boylston held up as some kind of example for kids who are trying to learn about the art of ballet, either in or out of the studio.

I hope to god Celebrina's Aurora never sees the light of day at ABT.

Boylston recently posted a clip of her dancing Star and Stripes. Uglier dancing I have never seen. No crispness, no musicality. Balanchine is rolling over.

Now reminiscing about Yuriko's Aurora in Houston last season (or good lord, I guess that was in spring '16) ... aaaahhh. She had some of us in the theater on our feet after her Rose Adagio. :)

I see shades of Gregory in Kajiya's dancing. What an honor it would be to see her grow into this role in strength and artistry.

Beautiful clip! *dreamy sigh* Hope we will hear reports of Kajiya's performances.

Boylston is following in the steps of the Celebrina by creating her own publicity: coaching (yes, "coaching!") Giselle (but I forget where); endowing a scholarship to the Harid Academy; putting together her own summer spectacular. I think there's money there, and as soon as there's money, all taste goes out the window, at least for some.

True what you say. In the case of Boylston and Copeland, their (good) taste has been non-existent from Day 1.

For those who like to live dangerously, there is another clip on Nicola's instagram of M.C. and the fish dives. The ticket to possess is Yuriko - hands down.

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