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December 31, 2017


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I'm so glad I was able to see Part's Swan Lake even though her partner was not Gomes. She was so beautiful and had so much of that old school theatricality that is missing now. The only one on the roster left who has it are Murphy, Hallberg and Cornejo. The new girls in the principal ranks are not allowed enough performances to build up their stage presence.

Recently I've been receiving donation notices for ABT. I was tempted to donate in Lane's name. But then I realized that the money wouldn't be earmarked for Lane or any of the other promising dancers, it would go to hire a guest star or push the dancer who shall not be named.

If Bocca was hired, I would donate in a heat beat.

You are right about the rareness of a Star Ballet Couple. One fell into ABT's lap last year and what did they do? They gave them a mid-week afternoon Giselle. Disgusting.

Veronika’s unceremonious firing is horrible enough, and Marcelo’s departure I just compounds it. ABT has truly perfected the art of shooting oneself in the foot.

Also, Martins has decided to leave instead of continuing to deal with all the drama. Can’t blame him. Hope the new leadership continues the good aspects of Martins legacy and less of the Here/Now festival-type programs.

Sigh. Thank you for highlighting those beautiful photos, Haglund. I am so glad I caught Part/Gomes in what turned out to be one of their last performances together in "Swan Lake." It has been almost ten years, yet my memories of that magical night are still vivid.

hi Haglund,

The photos are gorgeous. I've been searching for a review of the Fadeyev Nutcracker; this is all I've found. It's more of a mention than review, with one pic.

Thanks, Marta!

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