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December 12, 2017


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This type of trial by media is both sickening and disturbing. On dance publication’s social media pages, people are already naming what females should be the next to run NYCB, as if abuse and harassment was strictly a male trait. The mobs with the pitchforks are out in full force. May cool heads prevail and ignorance and revenge lose.

It's interesting that the writer for the Dance Magazine article (linked to above) was also a writer for the New York Times.

Honestly, as much as I think Martins could do better with Balanchine era work (invite back the Muses as coaches), I think he has done a good job of leading the company.

I can only think of all this scandal as a Board of Directors coup. I guess ABT is a panacea for nascent Diaghilev types. Because you can never have too much Millepied. Am I right?

It's a Witch Hunt. I'm glad I didn't have children. I can't imagine raising them in a world like this. What's next? Complaints from members of the military that they were yelled at? I weep for the future.

The police are certainly known to take sexual assault victims very seriously. They have a very high success rate in prosecuting sex abuse crimes. (/s).

I know that we only see things as people want us to see them and maybe I am overly naive, but NYCB just doesn't seem like a company of repressed, abused dancers?! Didn't Robbie Fairchild go out of his way to thank Peter Martins for being a great boss? Of course I'm not able to say his treatment of everyone is equal and it would seem that he has his favorites in the company, but I just can't help but feel that all these accusations are capitalizing on this current (horrible) climate of media witch hunts... I agree with the above comment that it's just sickening.
On a different note I'm so relieved they chose Jon Stafford to lead up the interim team (you were right on the nose there, Haglund!)

As far as former female dancers go, Katie Morgan stated in a video that she never experienced anything other than professionalism from Peter Martins. She stated she’s only heard rumors about Martins’ temper and affairs with dancers. None that she personally witnessed.

If the investigation in process is truly fair, Martins should have an opportunity to defend himself, to disprove the allegations. He is still innocent until proven guilty. If he can't, I believe his career is over and it may be over anyway because the accusations don't get forgotten. I know I'm saying something obvious. I'm very disturbed as no matter what the outcome is, both NYCB and SAB have been damaged and it's very demoralizing for the company and students. The blogosphere has been hyperactive for days as to who the next director should be.
Thanks Haglund.

Hi, Marta.

Neither Martins nor NYCB nor AGMA are under any obligation to disclose information or answer questions from the the NYT -- not about the current investigation, not about any previous investigation. If there was a crime committed, more transparency would be in order. There has been no evidence of any crime thus far. The fact that NYT has shown itself as a bullying organization willing and ready to publish claims without performing anything close to due diligence or recognizing the potential spurious nature of the claims is completely irresponsible. They are in effect making the news instead of reporting it.

The NYT is done and they know it. They were done the moment Trump announced his candidacy because he exposed it for what it is. Now whether or not you like Trump is neither here nor there. But he was right: the NYT is fake news. So them reaching for this story with white knuckles doesn't surprise me. NYT has no more credibility than the National Enquirer.

Maybe the Times is trying to pump up its deflated credibility by showing that it will charge after Democratic favored institutions and individuals as well. The fact is that they're not performing due diligence; they're just recklessly writing whatever they think will bring them the most clicks online.

A sad byproduct of all this is the negative comments people have been making about Mr. B. -- as though he laid the groundwork for "abuse" at NYCB.

Haglund, who was the female dancer that was kicked out last year that is speaking against him now? I'm racking my brain and can't come up with anyone.

The dancer who was let go by NYCB last year and is now speaking to the NYT which has characterized her comments as accusing Martins of abuse is Alina Dronova.

I'm really curious how this Victor Ostrovsky, who the NYT interviewed and who relayed that Martins grabbed him by the back of the neck and dug his thumb and middle finger into his neck, could tell that Martins was using his "middle finger". Did this kid have eyes in the back of his head or is this embellishment after years of stewing about the incident? Why didn't the NYT ask this guy how he knew as a 12-year-old that Martins was using his middle finger. Instead, the NYT just grabbed onto that explicit detail and printed it with the label of abuse. Don't these Times people have enough freakin' brains in their heads to ask Ostrovsky how he knew it was Martins' middle finger if it was behind the back of his neck? When someone starts offering up that kind of extreme, overly-detailed description, a thinking journalist should question it. Hopefully, some lawyer will think to do that.

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