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December 17, 2017


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I saw Huxley last year and he messed up the hoop jumps. I’m dying to see him in this role as he’s is one of my favorites in the company. I’m glad to hear he did great at the show you saw. Unfortunately, the tickets are too expensive for me.

Hi, yukionna. I remember Huxley messing them up last year as did a number of others; so, I was relieved when he charged through the variation with such confidence and ease. One never has that kind of nervousness for the performer when Ulbricht performs this role.

No, I bet Arabian is next (too scantily clad for the religious fanatics). Followed by Spanish of course. And don't forget the divertissments in Swan Lake! They'll all be axed. And why we're at it, Stars & Stripes is a gross display of inappropriate patriotism.

All true Gerry. No doubt also on their hit list is the damning of Natalie Wood as Maria in West Side Story for cultural appropriation. Maybe that's already been done and I missed the article in the NYT.

Hi Haglund, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays -- and let's hope that 2018 is an improvement on 2017. A low bar but whatever...

Just a random thought about the new regime at the New York City Ballet. Rebecca Krohn is one of the new troika. Well, I don't know what the word for a 4-person troika is so.....

She is very close with Karin Von Aroldingen. This is ironic, as I have always wanted Karin to be involved in some form or fashion with the New York City Ballet. Karin is highly intelligent, and has so much knowledge of the Balanchine repertoire and style. It seems as though she has a closer relationship with ABT than with her old company. I hope that with Rebecca in her new position Karin will have a lot of behind-the-scenes input.

Last but not least, I think it a bit unfair to imply (even in jest) that the religious right would have any inhibitory effect on the repertoire at the New York City Ballet. The current ructions come from the hard left. I am almost loath to say this, but I wonder if Bugaku (to take only one of many examples) is next on the list of unpolitically correct ballets? If you doubt what I say, google Evergreen State College. What's going on in the universities is simply outrageous. And all of the censorship is coming from the left. It's not enough to make me turn Republican, but I have spoken out against this and lost a few friendships.

Hi, Diana.

True, cleansing culture by destruction of art, whether from the left's or the right's initiative, is still diabolical.

I’m so interested in seeing Bugaku, but I fear it might never be revived in America.

I’m at a loss as to why cultural appropriation has somehow automatically seen as malicious. I think intent matters a lot, and if Balanchine meant the Tea section to be racist, I missed it. They’re not doing Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s which to me is obviously designed to make fun of Japanese people. Part of the beauty of the Land Of Sweets is to show off different cultures. Yeah, they’re appropriated by Balanchine, but he did it to celebrate, not demean.

All true, yukionna.

Diana, if I had kids, I would be sending them to trade schools, not America's colleges, for that very reason. They are just liberal indoctrination facilities at this point. But that's a subject far beyond the scope of Haglund's blog.

The only way that art can be preserved and not censored is for the People to stand up and vehemently oppose censorship and not back down for anything.

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