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December 04, 2017


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Pompous blowhard.

True. Afraid and hateful of beautiful women, attracted to children.

He's a gross lech whose perversions can be seen in his "critiques" in the NYT. How he has glommed onto Sara Mearns and Teresa Reichlen, stalking dancers on Instagram, etc. It's gross and as a dancer, I would want no part of it. I have all the more respect for dancers who quietly go about their careers without this buffoon touting them.

Can we also call out that pervert Nisian whose work and aesthetic very much resembles other sexual predator/ photographer Terry Richardson?

True about Nisian. At least he has stopped peppering his I-G account of sexually provocative photos of dancers with photos of children. Very disappointing to see women who know they have a following of children and teens so willing to stoop to participate in Nisian's artless soft porn. They think that they are showing old-style bargaining power, but in fact are simply being exploited. It rather confirms the notion that ballet dancers can be very willing to bargain with their bodies as sexual currency, doesn't it? Very disappointing and it makes people less inclined to buy tickets to their performances.

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