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January 31, 2018


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Hi Haglund,

Thank you for this great review and especially for another beautiful appreciation of Maria Kowroski in Chaconne. I recall seeing it for the first time on Dance in America centuries ago. Recently I've watched it on youtube several times. Martins is fabulous in this role. Sometimes one forgets how sparkline his allegro was.

True, Marta. Even by today's standards, Martins would still be the standout in the company.

NYCB needs to figure out how to bring Martins back into the fold once he has addressed his alcohol problem. His institutional knowledge is irreplaceable when it comes to keeping Balanchine alive in this company. With his retirement, the ballet mastering for Apollo is now Craig Hall's responsibility. While I appreciate everything that Craig has to offer in those ballets in which he gave authoritative performances, Apollo was not one of them. I recall that he danced it only one time as part of a Dancers' Choice program in which the rep and the casting decisions were made collectively by the dancers themselves.

Haglund, when you say "bring Martins back into the fold..." , do you mean as a coach? I saw that Dancers' Choice performance in which Hall danced Apollo. His performance was OK but didn't measure up to Martins, Hubbe, Boal, and others who were great Apollos. I don't remember ever seeing a Dancers' Choice program again.

Marta, I think that if the company's internal personnel investigation discredits the allegations of "abuse", Martins should be begged to come back in either his original role that would allow for a more organized & natural handing down of the leadership of the company, or in whatever position he wants to hold.

Haglund, thanks for these impressions. I’m looking forward to seeing the all-Balanchine program and the new choreographies bill, with dance odyssey, on Saturday. In the meantime, I saw a dream of an OTHER DANCES pairing with Sarah & Herman here in DC. Boy, oh boy!!!

I heard that Sarah & Herman gave quite the performance of Other Dances. It would be nice if ABT added this dance with this cast to its spring gala performance which is currently quite lacking in appeal.

H, I was at the 1/30 performance and I agree 100% I thought MariaK was just lovely! Sounds trite, but for me she breathed, became the steps and didnt just perform them. Indiana too! She was a surprise to me. Never really took note of her before. But, "Note to Self' from now on, get tickets for an Indiana performance when you can. And as for SaraM and Jared, they seemed like they were 'marking' their steps. Was someone ill, or injured?

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