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January 19, 2018


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This is one of your best posts to date. I LOLed in several places. You are an extremely clever writer, Haglund! And thank you for continuing to be a voice for Real ballet fans.

Thank you, pennsylvania.

I’m really starting to get fed up with ABT. It was recently pointed out to me that ABT’s Instagram account is run by its dancers, which basically saves the company from having to hire a social media manager. (A lot of the content is cross-posted on Facebook, too.) The Instagram account is run so well, with a consistent, on-brand voice, that I thought it had to be run by someone who does this for a living. Whichever dancer or dancers are contributing content deserve a raise.

As a side note, I do wish there were more diversity among performing arts critics. There can’t be a serious, authentic discussion of diversity in the arts if there are no journalists of color at the table.

FoF, I totally agree with you. The only thing I would add are that the journalists, regardless of color, should have practical experience in their classical fields. The chief classical music critic at NYT is a degreed, practicing musician, and a teacher of music and writing at the collegiate level. I don't necessarily agree with him all the time but I generally respect his opinions. Anna Kisselgoff stood at the ballet barre for over a decade. Alastair Macaulay has no practical knowledge whatsoever and his "historical" knowledge is always suspect because he bends the truth to what he wants it to be.

Haglund — a screenshot of your post briefly appeared in Scout Forsythe’s Instagram stories, but it seems to have been taken down within minutes of me first seeing it. I appreciate that she doesn’t hold back about speaking her mind. I remember she was one of the few who made a point of posting praise for Veronika around the time of her dismissal. It said a lot to me that someone in the corps was willing to speak up while so many others remained silent.

Oh my goodness... That was dangerous. I should probably have a rating system for the posts so that people know which ones are safe to re-broadcast. This one would have gotten an "M" or an "R" rating due to the high degree of – how should we say – articulation.

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