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January 20, 2018


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Omg gorgeous. Now THAT’S how you make a promo video. She looks stunning on the home page of their website, too. I also love how they use “action” shots rather than typical headshots in their artist roster.

Hi Haglund,
You can watch highlight of her SB rehearsal here. SFB showed the full rehearsal on World Ballet Day.

Thank you so much, J.A.D! She's on the cusp of becoming a major ballerina, perhaps eventually as great as Marianela Nunez.

Was at the performance Wednesday and was absolutely gorgeous. NYCB's loss is absolutely SFB's gain. She performed Stars & Stripes in the gala and I kept thinking about how wonderfully the Argentinian projected the American soubrette spirit.

Oh that's good to hear, Sharon. It seems that Helgi brought in Lola de Avila to work with the dancers. I recently saw her staging of Giselle at the Joffrey, and it was phenomenal.

I'm so happy to hear that Ana was gorgeous.

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