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February 15, 2018


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I've been reading Martin's Far From Denmark and enjoy his observations, strong opinions,and memories. Great photos too. I'm pleased that nothing terrible was confirmed.
Wilhelmina's 2012 article, Case En Pointe: Beginning with the End, really ticked me off. Why? She blames George B. for her several abortions, and then says he hit on her in his hospital bed in a lurid account. (WF--contraception was available then.)

The NYT, which I adored growing up, lost my love with its biased babyish political reporting during the last two years. It's a fancy tabloid now. Pity.

NYT is trash. If there's anything good that came out of the 2016 election it is that this tabloid garbage has been exposed for what it is. What we are witnessing now is its last grasping of straws before it goes under completely.

Hi, Laura.

Martins' Far From Denmark is a pretty good read, and it's on Amazon for a song: https://www.amazon.com/Far-Denmark-Peter-Martins/dp/0316548553/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518816951&sr=8-1&keywords=peter+martins+far+from+denmark

Hopefully, he'll write another one in the coming years.

ITA with you on Wilhelmina Frankfurt. A real piece of work.
Hi, Rockland.

Like Laura says above, I really admired the NYT when I was growing up in the Midwest. But the pressure on it to succeed in the competitive marketplace has won out over honesty and good journalism. I don't know if it will fail any time soon, but I do know that we all could get along just fine without it. It fills no need anymore.

Haglund, I agree, this is a super time to buy cheap used ballet books; some titles are getting scarce and expensive however. (My Martin's book was under $5.) I now own over 200 used ballet and music books, mainly for reference. I've also purchased a dozen memoirs and find them surprising. Carlos Acosta's No Way Home: A Dancer's Journey from the Streets of Havana to the Stages of the World is candid and unusual. Ben Stevenson played a role in his early career. He has an eye for talent. Choura, THE MEMOIRS OF ALEXANDRA DANILOVA, is a short enlightening read. Simple ballet memoirs give insights into a dancers'personality and social network that a well-researched academic biography can't convey well. The joy of dancing to beautiful music is so important to dancers--more so than the choreographer's steps. Yet choreographers are usually given first billing. Example: Michael Pinks' La Boheme. It should read, Puccini's La Boheme Without Words. Choreographer below composer's name. Then the conductor. Or should the conductor's name be below the composer's with the choreographer's in third place? If music by a beloved classical composer is the # 1 selling draw, even if arranged, then the music should be first. Danceable fabulous music is the whole foundation of the best ballets--story or"abstract."

At NYCB, the music is always billed above the choreographer. I don't think choreographers have objected although I seem to recall hearing years ago that Twyla Tharp challenged it.

I, too, would rather hear the dancer's story in memoir form rather than via a massaged biography where the writer places too much effort in convincing us of his own authority.

I completely agree with Huglund. I'm very much disappointed with NYT and consider to cancel my subscription, because the paper is becoming more and more People like publication. It is really a shame! I am a professional in dance world, as a dancer and executive and promoter and producer, and I'm upset what media are doing just to sell some juicy dirty stuff.

Hi Nina. What is further sad about the state of NYT is that it assumes and promotes the idea that someone is guilty of any and all claims until he can prove himself innocent. As we have seen, the NYT entertains any flimsy claim that comes its way if it thinks it will cause readers to click on its website and help it earn revenue. Nina, you should indeed cancel your subscription. There are better, no-cost options available for getting your news.

This is good news! Glad to see that Martins' name has been cleared. I hope he returns to NYCB soon.

Hi, Claire. Most people feel the same way.

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