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February 20, 2018


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Friends and I saw both the Philly and New York coaching sessions for Swan. Angel's Swan is not to be missed. He has the head and the heart to produce a wonderful show. Friends and I plan to see three which includes Torriente/Soca, DiPiazza/Baca and Pineiro/Liang. What great talent. Angel seems to bring out the best in each. New York...go to Philly!

"Grand Hotel" runs March 21-25.

Thanks, Ed. I corrected it.

Sherry D --

All the PA Ballet Swan Lake casts are so strong that it's hard to choose. Steadily rising toward my A-list of ballerinas to watch is So Jung Shin. Her Fairy of Purity in the Sleeping Beauty Prologue simply blew me away. Such lovely arms.

If the Eiffel Tower was a 7 (and that's arguable), this is definitely a 20. What a gorgeous structure!

PA Ballet admirers--PBS's "Pennsylvania Ballet at 50" is free to view with Amazon Prime. It aired in 2014 and has 55 minutes of dancing with not too much chit chat. Of the cast featured, two are still dancing with PA Ballet: Under the sun (Pas de deux) --Alexandra Hughes and Ian Hussey.
This is a 70's piece about Calder, the artist. Visually it reminds me of Ashton's Monotones. The first is Wheeldon's After the Rain where the dancers struck me as well-matched and so healthy! And the finale is GB's Diamonds. The camera work is dodgy in Diamonds. Overall this was a very pleasant way to spend an hour.
I might have passed on this video if Haglund hadn't been praising this company so thank you for doing so.

There is also an ABT doc which I haven't watched yet and some other free ballet programs to view.

Thanks for this, Laura.

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