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February 08, 2018


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Dear Haglund, I also am looking forward to PA Ballet's Swan. Last week I saw Angel in a coaching session. What a treat!

I also have been trying to see what ABT I can trade some of my subscription seats and avoid MC in particular. I noticed today that Hallberg has been taken off several programs. Stearns has picked up a few, but there are still a lot of TBAs. What gives?

SherryD, it's the same ABT crap year in and year out. They sell on the strength of names they know are not going to show up and then switcharoo.

The casting is beyond disgusting this year. McKenzie keeps trying to push Boylston, Copeland, and Whiteside down everyone's throats and thinks he can do it by attaching them like infected deer ticks to the hides of dancers who he knows everyone admires. If he would simply put these unwatchables together for all the important Petipa works, it would relieve everyone to enjoy other performances in which they are absent. Of course, nobody would show up for the crew of unwatchables, but who cares?

Having seen the sublime Abrera/Gomes Giselle last year, I have no desire to mar that memory by watching Whiteside's empty Albrecht. I'll be skipping their R&J, too. Making Stella wait 22 years to dance Juliet and then giving her a wooden, charm-challenged, narcissistic Romeo who can't love anything but himself is cruel but the type of cruelty that we have come to expect from the moron McKenzie.

The unwatchables are being handed Swan Lakes, Giselles, and La Bayaderes that they have no business dancing and will make a mockery-Trockery of in every performance. Meanwhile, we're being denied Sarah Lane's gorgeous Swan Lake and we have been waiting far too long to see Stella as Nikiya. She was even booted out of Gamzatti. ABT deserves to fail.

What a joke that Millepied got yet another commission, and a significant one at that. I’d love to know where his career would be if her weren’t s handsome Frenchman with s celebrity girlfriend. Has he produced a single quality piece?

I can only echo your enthusiasm about Symphony in C! Maybe this means Maria may yet dance it again. I was toying with the idea of making my first trip to Saratoga but am deterred by the fact that R&J is the other program.

Haglund that you so much for your many updates and insights into the world of ballet. It is much appreciated!

ABT used to be my favorite company and it is just disappointing now. Luckily we have many other fantastic American ballet companies with gorgeous dancers from all around the globe.

This question may be a bit forward or prying but I am very curious as to how relations are at ABT between Boylston and Millipied. I cannot for the life of me figure out out why ABT would want or need a new Romeo and Juliet. MacMillan's version is pure poetry.

Hi, Elizabeth.

I don't know the answer to your question about Millepied and Boylston. Assumptions are that he arranged her hokey Don Q gig at the Paris Opera Ballet last December. She certainly didn't win the invitation on her own merit.

I don't think that ABT is replacing their R&J. Rather, they are desperately trying to be hip in L.A. and think that Ben is the answer. LOL.

ABT is in terrible shape, especially after the recent departures of Marcelo and Veronika. I'm not particularly interested in what they're serving this spring other than Sarah Lane's debuts in Bayadere and Don Q. Can't they do some shuffling around, and make Stella's Giselle opposite Bolle or Hallberg instead of Whiteside? I was so excited to see Devon and Marcelo do Swan Lake. I'm still planning on seeing Devon, but I'm not nearly as compelled.

I only wish I could see Sarah's Giselle this year, but I can't take off work. So no Giselles for me this year. I'm hoping the casting for Harlequinade is good (Lane/Cornejo please). But given their track record, they'll likely figure out a way to compel me to keep my wallet shut.

Please someone just chain Millepied to LA and away from City Ballet. Far, far away.

ITA, yukionna.

"Class is the last thing we think about" seems to be ABT's motto. That's why you are seeing Sarah and Daniil's Giselle stuck into a Wednesday matinee while the ever-whining & revolting fakerina and her gooperina friend are going to muscle & clomp their horsey selves through prime time.

Thank you Haglund-

As someone living in Los Angeles I can tell you that I'd much rather prefer the MacMillan R&J to a Millipede version! I'll just have to make my usual trips up to see SF Ballet!

Haglund, do you know when tix go on sale for Giselle at SPAC? It doesn't seem to be selling them right now...

I'm toying with the idea of going down to NYC for the Lane/Simkin Giselle, as I did last year. It was sublime and I want to see it again. The fact that it's on a weekday this time is problematic though. Ugh, so sick of the CRAP casting schedule at ABT.

Please spare me from further news of Milliped. My nerves can't take it. I feel like Mrs. Bennet in Pride & Prejudice whenever I hear about his latest lame projects.

Deanna, the SPAC website says "SPAC's 2018 season event tickets will go on sale Thursday, February 22!"

Hello Haglund, I'm also excitedly anticipating PA Ballet opening its next season with Romeo and Juliet. And I'm happy to read that you will be in attendance for PA Ballet's Swan Lake! Casting is up:

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