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March 22, 2018


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I just bought my ticket!

I also saw that Whiteside has been replaced by Stearns in Stella’s Giselle. I’m gonna see her dance Giselle this year after all!

😄 !!

Looks like great fun. Found some Youtube videos of Junior and Guadalupe; A Russian Tango channel shows the Don Q one-arm lift too. Yes, they have chemistry. Sizzling.
Extra videos: Irina and the entire cast are genuinely happy and at ease on stage--spreading some needed joy out into the world.

Hi, Laura.

I saw Grand Hotel on Broadway toward the end of its run and found it kind of meh. But this cast is really spectacular, and the "get to the point quickly" staging helps the production a lot.

Next up for Irina is a brand new Susan Stroman & John Kander musical project based on Henry James' "The Beast in the Jungle". It begins in May at the Vineyard Theatre.

Once again Haglund, your review is spot-on: this production of Grand Hotel is one of the best I've seen in the circa-20 years I've been subscribing to the series. And the dazzling Irina Dvorovenko made the show only that much more of a magical event for me. Who knew she could sing like Edith Piaf?! What an amazing, all-around theater and TV performer she's become! She certainly could teach that Fakerina a thing or three about the true meaning of "stardom;" like everything else, it's what you achieve via hard work and perseverance, not the intervention of an investment bank and enabling puff pieces in the local news outlets. By the way, our singing colleague in the show mentioned that the producer Scott Rudin may have an interest in transferring the production to Broadway. Nothing is certain of course, but how great would that be? In the meantime, I'm planning to catch Irina in her upcoming show at the Vineyard Theater. With Sarah Lane in Giselle and Irina off-Broadway - May is looking like a very upbeat month!

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it. Great news that Rudin is toying with the idea of a Broadway run. Would love to see Lincoln Center Theater pick it up.

I forgot to mention that Irina's next gig with Susan Stroman also involves Tony Yazbeck who was wonderful in On the Town and An American in Paris but who was beyond brilliant in Prince of Broadway, the recent limited run revue of Hal Prince's shows that Stroman and Prince put on for Manhattan Theatre Club. This upcoming production at Vineyard looks like it could be testing out its Broadway potential, too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah all the way for Irina!

Now, LLF, you must go see Amar Ramasar in Carousel! Though the production isn't as fresh as it could be, it has revealed Amar's potential as a major Broadway talent. And Jesse Mueller, oh man, I could listen to her all day.

Thanks Haglund, I'll look forward to seeing Carousel later this spring. I certainly trust your judgment more than any theater (or ballet) critic with agendas that don't necessarily include the competency level of certain performers.

Our favorite celebrina is not too far from 39 now...

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