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March 19, 2018


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Such a disgrace. For his sake, even if they do come crawling back, I hope his gives them the proverbial middle finger.

And, to add insult to injury, our favorite NY Times critic had to spend the first several paragraphs rehashing the Marcelo resignation story before he could even get to the performance (of the Washington Ballet) that he was being paid to review. Do not get this Washington DC ballet fan started.

Jennifer, were you referring to that NY Times critic who was arrested and jailed in connection with the police investigation of his paedophillia-related stalking of little children on a beach with his camera? Is that the one you were referring to? (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/3638958/The-CCTV-recorded-me-taking-two-photographs-one-of-a-group-of-children.html) He must have thought that Marcelo's resignation wasn't exploited enough in all the other NY Times tabloid articles.

I'm so upset because Stella Abrera is bringing some ABT dancers to the Philippines for a charity performance and she would've taken Marcelo too because they're super close. I'm still going to watch it of course but I'll be internally sobbing for what could've been :(

Hi, Sara S-R. I completely understand what you are saying. The richness of characterization in Marcelo's dancing is irreplaceable. However, I hope you enjoy the show and pay particular attention to Blaine Hoven's contributions. We don't get to see enough of his gallant dancing in principal roles in New York.

And oh my goodness, so many more videos of this performance are surfacing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ6Gg-oFxUY This particular YouTuber got nearly all of Marcelo's and Yekaterina's dancing. Bless these people. Our greatest thanks to you for saving these performances for our future enjoyment and for the enjoyment of generations to come. Благодарю вас от всего сердца.

Hi Haglund,

I was part of a group of people who all chipped in $25 each to buy that huge bouquet for Marcelo. A few of my ballet friend were there to see Marcelo perform and asked those of us back in the states if we wanted to chip in and have our names put on the bouquet's accompanying card. Was so happy to do it for Marcelo. He was so happy at stagedoor to see his loyal fans, all the way in Russia.

I had hoped that the air would clear enough for Marcelo to possibly dance this spring as an ABT guest, at the very least. But it is ABT's loss for sure. I just found out that Marcelo will be dancing Romeo and Juliet with Nina at a festival in June. Wish I could see that but happy for him that he is still dancing!


That is so lovely. And thanks for the heads-up about Marcelo's R&J with Nina in June.

I think that whenever there is a chance for ABT to mishandle a situation, they don't let the opportunity slip by. I wish the company would fold. It no longer offers more good than bad. The scale has tipped badly, and its entrenched director would rather see the company die than see himself replaced. So let it be.

So many top ballerina's adore and trust this wonderful sensitive dancer. He has such rapport with his partners. Audiences can just relax into the fantasy, etc...when this pro is on stage. I hope he stays in the US but the world wants him now that he's "free."
He doesn't need ABT.

All true, Laura.

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