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March 15, 2018


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Friends and I are also excited about the trip to see the Swans. We are feasting on Friday evening, Saturday matinee and Saturday evening performances. Wow! What a treat.

Totally jealous! It's quite possible that Mayara Pineiro at the matinee might be the biggest heartbreaker of them all.

I can't wait to see these dancers in Jewels in May!

NYCB’s casting for the KC makes me want to take a week off work!

I hope some of those debuts make their way back to NYC. I’m particularly curious about how Teresa Reichlen will do in Tchaikovsky PdD. I never thought of Catazaro as a technical powerhouse, but I’m so interested in seeing how he’ll do those roles (Tchaikovsky PdD & Four Seasons).

Roman is getting some truly remarkable castings! He's a great kid and should flourish with these opportunities. I'll see if I can swing a quick trip down to see him for the performances on Saturday...

Are you going down to the Kennedy Center for the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in late May/early June? They're doing two days of Don Q and then four days of Giselle.

Lillian, I certainly am!

Hi Haglund,

Along with yukionna, I'm very curious about Reichlen and Catazaro in Tchai PdD. I'll be seeing this ballet in NY in April. I don't think of either dancer as having fast feet, particularly Catazaro. Am I wrong that Farrell & Martins occasionally danced this work?

Yes, Marta, Farrell & Martins did, indeed, dance it and quite fabulously: https://vimeo.com/189230579

There’s also this clip of the female variation: https://instagram.com/p/Bcp5AjMHiGv/

Thanks for the link, yukionna.

I think Tchai Pas suits smaller dancers (both the male and female roles), so I'm skeptical of Teresa Reichlan in this role. But we shall see.

Thanks, Haglund and Yukionna, for the clips! Haglund, I believe yours is from The Turning Point and I hadn't watched it for a while. Love it! Those are some wild fish dives. Never saw the other clip of ballerina's variation and how I wish we could see more.

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