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April 05, 2018


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Lovely! Will be in Houston in June for Swan Lake. After watching a dazzling performance by Kajiya as Gamzatti last summer, would be thrilled to see her again.

Do I ever wish I could see this performance - or any performance of Yuriko's in Swan Lake. She certainly does do it all, all the while appearing as light as air. Wow!

I have tickets for the June 24 SL matinee at Jones Hall in Houston which I bought cold because HB does not announce casts until shortly before performances--or so I was told when I queried the company. How I hope we get to see this ballerina--this clip promises sublimity. We have not purchased seats for ABT's SL, since we prefer to take our chances for obtaining rush seats for the few promising performances. Haglund, do you think it possible that a company of HB's stature leaves casting to the last minute? I can't imagine it.¶Love your
site: I check in every day. Thanks, EJ

It breaks my heart that we're not going to see her dance this with ABT at the Met.


HB's website Swan Lake page currently says "View Casting Here (Coming Soon!)" "Coming Soon!" would not normally mean "wait until June", but we'll just have to wait and see. It does make it somewhat difficult to get a decent airfare with only 2 or 3 weeks notice. On top of that, add the risks associated with hurricane season.

I believe your matinee ticket is for the opening performance, isn't it? That may have been good planning. Fingers crossed for you.

Angelica and LLF, my heart is bleeding also because we're not going to see Yuriko dance this ballet here.

Shawn, all of the HB casts are bound to be good, but Yuriko has a special affinity for characters such as Odette and Giselle. I hope you are able to catch one of her performances.

I saw Yuriko and Jared dance the white swan pdd several years ago at a local fundraiser for a community arts center in NY. She was exquisite - very birdlike and delicate. I think hers will be a performance not to be missed.

How did I miss that?!

I think it was in 2011 at ArtsCure - she or Jared had invited some people I believe.

Thank you for sharing this video.I haven’t seen seen Yuriko perform in many years. She’s as lovely as ever. Can we take a moment to imagine a Met season with her, Lane, Brandt, Shevchenko, Abrera, Trenary, and Teuscher in all of the lead roles?

It seems that a fire alarm between Acts II & III sent everybody out into the Minnesota cold for a while last night. ☃️


https://youtu.be/ZOgqWp5VcEA :) :)

Eulalia - as a loyal HB subscriber and fangirl, I can sadly confirm that they are very late to post casting. Just recently, they only had the Don Q casting up about a week before opening night.

Diana, thanks for that link. Very intriguing! As a subscriber, have you let HB management know that their policy of withholding casting information until the last minute may not be ideal? I can't imagine the upside for either the box office or fans by announcing casting so late. Maybe they don't want to play favorites, but that is the nature of the beast! I just checked the HB Web site and "Casting Coming Soon!" is still there in all its rusty glory. At least, I am assured I will not be seeing she whom Haglund refers to as the "celebrina"!

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