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May 21, 2018


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Irina is a revelation in this production. Her seamless performance, capturing a woman at three different ages throughout her life, is a remarkable achievement alone. And then you realize that she spent most of her life on stage performing nonverbally, and here she is now, playing a character who speaks in English, which is not her native language. She is amazing! And I didn't expect the show to be so good, so engrossing, and ultimately so heartbreaking. I'm not sure it's transferable to Broadway, but who knows. Hope it brings Irina more stage and/or TV work!

All true, LLF. Her delivery of dialogue was completely natural and contained none of the artificial tone that one hears so much of on stage and screen. I wonder who she is studying acting with.

I loved her line to the young Marcher when they were discussing his art business--"I can always spot a fake."

Go Irina!!!!

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