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May 01, 2018


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This is likely a recording of the October 1, 2016, livestream (in Europe only?). Many young corps dancers starred in the Millepied. Albisson & Heymann starred in the Robbins. Hecquet & Hoffalt led T&V.

Correction: Oct 2015, not 2016. The beginning of the very short Millepied era.

Thanks, Jeannette. So would you say watching it on film is worth $30 -- considering one also gets the tea and madeleines?

Haglund, perhaps the refreshments are worth it? I was grateful just to see the ballets, even though the female stars of the Robbins & Balanchine pieces aren’t my cup of tea. Clear, Loud is one of the better Millepieds, although gimmicky...swinging pendulum-lamps at the end, for ex. If anything, the Millepied is worth a view just to see some of the best young POB dancers, such as Baulac, Marchand, Galloni, Vikinkoski, & the divine Guerineau - now off to Zurich - in one of her rare films. I believe that the dynamic Axel Ivot also danced in Clear, Loud.

Thanks much!

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