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May 09, 2018


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Great review. I was deciding whether I should revisit the Fancy Free/Dybbuk/WSS program to see Coll & Mejia. It’s really only WSS that has me thinking against. I think I’ll go and then leave at the second intermission.

I’m loving the Robbins centennial so far. I’m only sad that I’m gonna have to miss De Luz in Other Dances because I’m busy on both nights it’s being performed.

Better hurry. There aren't many tickets left for that performance. You'll come away from it as a new fan of Sebastian Villarini-Velez, too.

It’s warms my heart to see NYCB sell so well.

Thanks for the best laughs I’ve had all week, Haglund. The first season that NYCB did Fancy Free someone forgot to give the dancers the storyline; FF came across as a museum piece straight out of mothballs. I’ve avoided it ever since. (ABT 1; NYCB 0). Maybe it’s time for me to see it again.

As for WSSS, I avoid it like the plague: dancers who can’t sing, singers on the side of the stage who can’t dance, gang members who are terrified only that they’re going to muss their hair and makeup.

I’m going next Thursday instead: Fanfare is on the program and it’s one of my favorites.

Thanks for your reviews and keep them coming, please.

In Fancy Free the original recording of Bernstein's
"Big Stuff" was sung by his sister Shirley.


Thanks, Naomi. Indeed Shirley recorded it for the production by ABT for whom Robbins originally made the ballet. Several decades passed before NYCB took it into its repertory. Robbins was certainly still alive when that occurred and presumably chose which version of the recording would be used in NYCB's production. I don't know what the point was of changing Robbins' decision -- maybe there were good ones. But my point in the review was that the current recording is inferior to what it replaced.

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