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May 12, 2018


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Dear Hadlund, I too was lucky enough to see the Thursday performances which included the afternoon dress. The last time I saw Jewels at NYCB I was so ho-hummed that I almost did not go to Philly. Thank Heavens I did. The energy and dedication starts at the top and flows over the company. I can't wait until fall when they do Romeo and Juliet. So much talent. When I look at ABT's calendar (and casting), I cry. Mercifully, Pa Ballet is there to mop up my tears.

Hi, Sherry D.

The energy was definitely high on Thursday night, especially with those four guys in Rubies. All of them, just fantastic.

Hello Haglund, I'm really glad you got a chance to see opening night. I had the opportunity to see all three casts over the weekend. Dayesi really was quite stunning in Rubies - all the tall girl attitude you could ask for.

Sunday's matinee also saw the final performance of James Ihde, retiring from the stage after 25 years with the company. He picked a great ballet to go out on - he and Lillian DiPiazza performed Diamonds with aplomb. After the performance, he received a 10 minute ovation, with lots of confetti. He will be missed.

A very belated comment about Rubies: on Saturday evening, the performances by Mayara Pineiro and Zecheng Liang, and Dayesi Torriente, were among the best I've every seen. If they do it again in a future season, it is the cast you must see.

Thanks, Johanna. I had the feeling that I missed something great. Can't wait for next season to start!

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