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May 01, 2018


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Quite the mystery, Haglund. Did you see Aran Bell will make his debut as Romeo alongside Devon Teuscher this season (Wednesday Mat)?

Yes, I saw that Aran will be dancing Romeo. I'm afraid that this is McKenzie swinging for the fences while drunk. He thinks that if NYCB can pull off miraculous early debuts so can he. While I'm sure at some point in time Aran will be ready for this role, at this point in time, his stage presence is so flat and expressionless as to suggest a disorder.

Where is Blaine Hoven? When a strong partner and technically brilliant soloist is essentially left out of principal roles in the spring season, one has to wonder why. Is it unrelated to his dancing; is he being shunned for speaking his mind on some particular matter - the way Sarah Lane was? He should be dancing Solor and Romeo long before any corpsmen. The fickle politics of McKenzie's casting decisions are just disgusting.

I'm still angry that Blaine Hoven didn't get to perform Swan Lake with Veronica Part during her final season last year. They were a great team and would have been wonderful together. I think he makes all his partners look good; the vibrancy of his performance style is enthralling. If the ABT AD is now drunk with desperation, let's hope he stays that way. Maybe then he'll be removed for incompetency and sent to rehab, while someone younger and brighter and far more enlightened can take over and do the company some good.

ITA, LLF. I see that Blaine is listed as Espada in the DonQ cast of Shevchenko and the fake principal Lendorf who rarely shows up for any performances. Maybe Blaine will get a shot at Basilio, unless McKenzie can find some first year corps kid to fill in.

Agree it seems odd to throw him into principal role like this ahead of other more senior and experienced dancers. Just found it interesting.

Speaking of the dearth of Romeos at ABT, have noticed a steep uptick in the number of ABT dancers posting to Insta about Marcelo. Perhaps some embargo has been lifted?

I have not noticed that.

I'm convinced someone hit a wrong entry from days past and it was supposed to be Herman Cornejo and Cory Stearns.

Don't know. The Met would have had to arbitrarily type in Erica's first name and also come to the conclusion that baritone Jason Stearns was involved in the performance. If it was a double wrong entry, my goodness, how sloppy. And if it was a double wrong entry that hasn't yet been corrected, my goodness, how ABT.

Well, they seemed to have "fixed" this on the Met website by removing any mention of Erica Cornejo or Jason Stearns and adding Stella Abrera's photo to Courtney Shealy's AfterRite performance dates. So good...


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