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June 19, 2018


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Thanks for your review. I am more and more excited about Devon Teuscher. I have not found a ballerina so interesting and exciting to watch for a number of years. I wish I could make it to NY this Thursday.

If she can light a spark in Cory Stearns (or any other partner) so much the better.

Hi Haglund,

Thank you for this detailed review. Sorry I couldn't make it to see Teuscher in a lead role. She sounds special. Not sorry I didn't see Stearns. He was Siegfried to Part's O/O a few years ago and I found him dull, technically weak and just phoning it in. I'd be very curious to see the dancer who could light a spark in Stearns. I agree with you on Blaine Hoven who should be already a principal. Will he ever get there?

Oh Haglund, thank you for a lovely SL review. I wish I could fly to NYC to witness Teuscher Odette Odile, I love it when a ballerina understands her characters, also has solid technique to back her artistry. I saw Stearn with Yuan Yuan Tan in Eugene Onegin, Stearn was physically beautiful: tall, thin, long beautiful line when he was not too lazy to use it. Yet in term of his dancing maturity, he was such a bore when I saw him. I guess he is not getting any better..such a shame because he could be so good...- JAD

Your review makes me wish I'd gone to see this performance, instead of sitting out this week because of the ho-hum dull casting. There's so much latent talent in this company, and it's all going for naught due to an AD with poor judgment! I still haven't forgiven him for his non-teaming of Blaine Hoven and Veronika Part in Swan Lake. With the imminent departure of yet another talented principal (Jeffrey Cirio), now, more than ever, we need both Hoven and Forster to move up in rank. Audiences want to see Swan Lake with some of these wonderful dancers, not run away from it due to mediocrity!

Hi, LLF. The same cast dances Thursday night.

While Cirio is a nice dancer, I don't think his departure is going to put ABT in much worse of a position than it is now and it certainly isn't a reason to go out and hire principals or soloists to come into the company. The looming question is why McKenzie isn't advancing the talents of Hoven, Forster, Gorak, Klein, Ribagorda, McCune, Frenette, and on the women's side, Ogawa and McBride who both obviously have complete technique and theatrical skills. Courtney Lavine is another one. While I'm not sure how strong her virtuosity elements are, I think her dancing is extraordinarily beautiful.

McKenzie's problem is McKenzie -- not a lack of talent at ABT, that's for sure.

I agree with you about Courney Lavine - though I think she has been injured a lot the past year which may play a part. She's captivating on stage no matter what she is doing. IMO despite not loving Firebird she would be exceptional in that role. I think this year she's doing Big Swans? Someone if so please report back!

Just a quick note on today's matinee. David La Marche conducted a thrilling Swan Lake--absolutely first class. Whiteside was a strong Siegfried from whom Shevchenko elicited involvement and emotion. Some of the lifts were thrilling. From his first appearance, Bell revealed himself to be a dancer-actor who can brilliantly individuate roles. Although perhaps lacking a mature gravitas in the Black Act that he will grow into, he took command of the stage in masterful style and demands your focus. His Rothbart already demonstrates how effortless it is for him to seduce women into his thrall. And, speaking of masterful, Shevchenko as O/O knocked my socks off: This is world class prima ballerina blazing artistry. She is a born tragedienne not afraid of extremes but never, ever vulgar; even as a villainess, she radiates aristocracy. One rarely hears silence as one heard it during the leads' several pas de deux. The house was vociferous in its acclaim when it came time to give thanks. Quite an afternoon...

Thanks for the report, Eulalia. It sounds like it was an absolutely thrilling performance.

I went to today's matinee and I second everything Eulalia wrote above. It was a wonderful performance that elicited long standing ovation. Shevchenko was outstanding. Her Odette was fragile and proud and regal all at once. Her Odile was coquettish and seductive and full of fire. I've seen so many SLs but this was a masterclass. Whiteside was a good partner and exhibited more emotion than I have seen from him in a long time. I believed his ennui in Act I and I believed his love and infatuation and eventual sacrifice.
Gray Davis can play evil Rothbart in his sleep, but Bell surprised me. He actually took command of the stage in Act III. Catherine Hurlin and Katherine Williams were beautiful Big Swans. The corps turned in solid performance. McBride and Zhurbin had a memorable turn as Czardas. My only issue was with Gianderuso in Pas de Trois. There is just something weird about her technique, especially the way her torso angles during grand jetes. It displays a lot of forced effort and I am just not used to that. Courtney Lavine as always was a standout. She really should be a soloist.
It was definitely quite an afternoon. I can't wait for next Tuesday's Don Q.

Thanks for the report, Anna.

I really believe that Shevchenko is going to be an extraordinary "full service" ballerina in the vein of Dvorovenko and Ananiashvili -- one who can dance every type of role brilliantly. I'm imagining her Giselle and Sylphide and her Tatiana.

Yes, Haglund, I completely agree. Her Tatiana would be something to behold. Or Manon...

Anna & Haglund, yes, Shevchenko's Tatiana, please, ABT, please, please, please...

Very glad to hear such good things about this partnership! Going to see this tonight myself and looking forward to it. Fyi, Teuscher and Stearns are real life partners as well, which I imagine has something to do with it.

Went to see Devon and Cory on Thursday, thanks for your review which led me to see this charming pair! What was really adorable was how Cory lit up whenever Devon was on stage, he clearly loved sharing the stage with her. It was like a different person... I’m not sure how much of it was acting or pure chemistry, but it sure worked for Siegfried’s characterization!

I saw Murphy's Swan Lake last night. It was absolutely fantastic. She was so in control of all aspects of the characterization and extremely comfortable with the technical demands. She powered through the fouettes adding in triples and doubles. It is rare to see a ballerina that strong.

Whiteside wasn't that bad. It think Murphy pulled a lot of responses from him and he wasn't so stone faced. His dancing in the beginning was a bit messy but he pulled together by the Black Swan section.

I'm glad I was able to see Murphy still at the top of her form.

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