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June 19, 2018


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HA! I choose to believe that someone saw my complaint in the comments of your last post and rectified the situation re the Royal Ballet's Swan Lake. I'm buying my ticket now!

Could be, AMJ! If the seats continue to sell as quickly as they have since I posted about it, maybe the cinema will add a second showing.

Thanks very much to all for the alert. My ticket to the Swan Lake screening has been bought, and I’m looking forward to checking out the new Landmark.

Ellen, the cinema is in the base of the fascinating new apartment complex, Via, designed by Bjarke-Ingels. The building is a tetrahedron which Bjarke refers to it as a "courtscraper" -- a hybrid of a skyscraper and European housing block with central courtyard.

I don't know what the cinema looks like on the inside. I see that people are avoiding reserving the first three rows; but I cannot imagine that any company today would design a new cinema if those three front rows did not provide a decent view that was not too close for comfort.

Side point: All seven of ABT's Don Q performances are on TDF right now.

Also, I should add, it's better to spend $18 to see this at a cinema and decide whether we like it rather than to wait around for the Royal Ballet to bring it to the U.S. when it will cost $150+ to see it in the theater.

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