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July 01, 2018


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I think Sarah Lane proved herself a star this season and the company really should invest more time in her.

She was wonderful in this ballet and very suited to it. I'm glad I was able to see her debut.

From the moment Sarah Lane burst on stage with those giant grand jetes, you could tell that this was going to be an extraordinary show. What a debut! Every member of the cast was vigorously committed and gave the most energetic, passionate and accomplished performances I’ve seen this season. The audience’s non-stop applause was so well-deserved. This was the ne plus ultra of Don Quixotes for me. It's ballet heaven!

I agree that Sarah was exquisite on Saturday afternoon, and the audience loved her--and Herman too, but we expect that of Herman. I think that for Sarah this was a breakout performance, in which she really had to shine, both technically and artistically, for management to take her stellar status seriously. I really hope the right people were at this performance, and that her plate will be fuller next Spring Season. She's the one who should be getting two performances of everything. As well as an ABT debut in R&J and certainly another SL.

Haglund nails it again. For a first go at a major role, Lane's interpretation included many charming and character revealing details, not to mention that daring, splendid dancing. Cornejo was a thrill to watch but it was also a little bittersweet when considering this matinee might have been his last NY Basilio--but, if so, what a way to go out in a role. Abrera, of course, had charm to burn and Forster blazed. More, please!

Absolutely LOVED Lane's Kitri. I agree, I really hope ABT's management sees the potential she has. She always struck me as purely a lyrical dancer with very good technique, but on Saturday she proved she can take on fiery roles too, and without losing her poise and artistry. By the time the coda arrived, she had already knocked the performance out of the park, but still I loved that she completed all 32 fouette, and she did them so well. Perhaps some traveling, but then again who doesn't travel forward nowadays? Anyway, amazing debut. And as always, very accurate review.

Saturday matinee’s Don Q was one of the most exhilarating performances from the ABT in recent memory. Quite a difference from last Saturday’s abysmal Swan Lake danced by Celebrina. Except for the Pas de Trois in Act I danced by Lane, Cirio and Brandt there wasn’t much to applaud. Not surprising at this point to hear about Cirio. Casting principals in soloists’ roles and giving principal roles to an inadequate dancer is repulsive. Even Cornejo could only do so much to conceal this deficient production.

In Don Q however, Lane and Cornejo were sublime as were Abrera and Forster. Everyone from the gypsies to the flower girls to the Corps were dancing with renewed vigor. It must be a relief for dancers to be able to dance as opposed to covering up for a flawed dancer. Performances like this is what ABT should strive for. I agree with others that many performances have been undersold and it is dispiriting to see a full house when Fakerina is dancing.

I agree that Blaine, Forster and Gorak should be moved up since it appears there is a shortage of principals among the men. Just look at Angel Corella’s PA Ballet. A much smaller company and even he promoted 10 dancers this year. What is McKenzie waiting for?

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