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July 05, 2018


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WOW! Thank you for the information about Igor. He has become a well-loved leading man at The Bolshoi. I wonder if he will be a guest principal at Hungarian National Ballet and keep his place at Bolshoi as well. He is a very expressive and powerful dancer!!!

I'm getting more and more excited about seeing this company in addition to getting a good dose of the classics in the Koch Theater.

I wish someone would step up and give a big donation with the stipulation that the stage in the Koch Theater be named The George Balanchine Stage at Lincoln Center so that we wouldn't have to cringe every time we talk about the location.

It will always be the New York State Theater. You have my permission to use the real name!!!
Thanks for all the lovely reviews this spring...wish I could have high-five you during the lane/cornejo/Brandt bayadere! It was awesome!!

I have long thought that the theaters at Lincoln Center should be named - permanently - for the artists who were responsible for their creation, construction or raison d'être, i.e. the George Balanchine Theater and Leonard Bernstein Hall. Egomaniacal billionaires begone.

Please, which night is Tsvirko dancing in DQ? I don't see him listed in the Koch website casting. Thank you.

Sue, no word on which night Tsvirko will perform. Here is the link to the company's website where the casting is listed. His name appears second after Leblanc's, but that could mean absolutely nothing. http://www.opera.hu/musor/megtekint/new-york-turne-don-quijote-2018/

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