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July 22, 2018


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That's an incredible story! What an opportunity for Skyler! Thank you for sharing it!

Truly amazing opportunity for Skylar - I hope we see some of the footage and, more importantly, that Kevin McKenzie does!

Wow! Skylar is amazing to take on this wonderful opportunity with the challenges she described. She is true ballerina material! Thanks for the post, Haglund. This brightened my day!

If MacKenzie was smart (which we know is not the case) he would: 1. Watch out that Skyler does not get lured over to the Mikhailovsky, and 2. Make a grab for Julian MacKay. He is Bolshoi trained, American and very young. He appears tall and although he is very thin, he will fill out. He could be a big star here. I hope we get to see some footage from the show.

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