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August 22, 2018


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Thrilled for both Tommy and Blaine. This is an early Christmas present. I will be there.

Curious as to whether the Stella TBA partner slots are because they are just waiting to see how Hammoudi heals from that injury over the summer, or if they are holding it open for maybe Bell or Ahn (both partnered her in outside events this year), or if some new principal TBD....

MoMo, please send us reports!!

Rachel, I follow your thinking on that. They may be waiting to see if Hammoudi can make it through the fall season. If not, there are plenty of backups who Stella has danced with previously including Gorak who I hope would get the call before a corpsman.

While he's a beautiful dancer, I just worry that if Gorak couldn't consistently do all the lifts with tiny Sarah Lane, I don't see him making it through lifts with Stella....

Gorak lifted Stella over his head in Cinderella. His Nutcracker lifts with Sarah in 2011 were marred due to the fact that he was dancing with injuries in both feet. We've seen so little of him of late that it's hard to predict how well he might do.

Actually, nobody did the big Nutcracker lift completely until Jared and Yuriko nailed it in 2013, the fourth year of this production.

I am going by the box office on Saturday to buy my tickets to the Shevchenko and Tom Forster performances. It has been too long a time waiting to see Tom Forster in a classical principal role. Finally!

J -

The two of them are simply going to thrill you and the rest of the audience.

Hoven and Lane would be fabulous together. I'm jealous for all your West Coasters. Have they ever been partnered in anything? Glad she is not getting benched due to the dwindling male principal selection.

I can't recall them paired in a spotlighted pdd although it's possible they were in corps work. Here's a picture of them rehearsing a Millepied piece many, many years ago. I think they're adorable together:

Blaine and Sarah

Oh wow what a gorgeous shot!

ABT is charging $20 more for the same seat for the Saturday Nutcracker with Misty and Herman.

So delighted that Blaine and Tom are getting what they deserve! Not surprised re the $20 bump for the celebrina. Just PRAYING Herman isn't stuck with her from now on....Sarah and Herman are a match made in heaven.

I paid the extra $20 for Herman because he is a favorite.

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