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August 06, 2018


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Thanks for the heads-up, Haglund. Do you know if this is another Ardani-sponsored vanity project? If it’s anything like the “beauties in motion” then it’s a big NYET from me.

New text. New music. New choreography. New concept.

New thanks.

Jeannette, I see nothing on the website about an Ardani or Danilian connection. HOWEVER, only the "Chairman" of the "Advisory Committee" is identified. The Danilians could be on that committee as could other potentially very interesting names.

I think that this project will make Beauties in Motion look like kindergarten stuff when it comes to weirdness.

A big nyet from me. Enough of her "creativity".

It should be interesting to see what the ticket prices at the Beacon Theatre will be and whether they will be so high that only Russian-connected operatives will be able to afford them.

In Miami, the Sleeping Beauty Dreams orchestra level and first tier seats range from $160.22 to $213.72. In contrast, orchestra level and first tier seats at Miami City Ballet range from $29 to $110. Jerry Seinfeld's single performance tickets in the orchestra range from $93.50 to $186.

Much like Alessandra Ferri, Diana needs to move on.

Folks, I fixed the link to the promo which has been revised. Also it appears that the production team page on the website which features the politically current cast of Caputo, Petrushin, and Coffey has been removed. Here's what it looked like previously. Petrushin is in the middle line far left, Caputo - same line center; Coffey - bottom center.

SBD Production Team

Vishneva's taste has always been reflected by her over the top fashions OFF stage--such as her fondness of John Neumeier’s La Dame aux Camélias and her passion for Carmen Suite, that stupid ballet the Russians love to drag out perpetually. But who's to say this new venture won't have merit? Like "innocent until proven guilty" give every new venture the benefit of no doubt. If it stinks it will make a fool of itself very willingly. And a woman with a screaming baby has to have a way to get out of the house.

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