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August 01, 2018


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I especially appreciate your review, Haglund because there have been no theaters showing the Royal Ballet's Swan Lake anywhere near me. Perhaps one of the fine arts theaters will pick it up.

Marianela was so lovely. I particularly was impressed with how she rolled through her foot, over and over, in Act II. She has such control and yet is so beautiful. I did miss some vulnerability that I've seen in others, but it is an amazing performance.

I agree with your review word for word, though...you wouldn't want to go home afterward because that cinema is so far away from everything it's bloody difficult! With no crosstown bus coming and the D and F trains disrupted, it took me a hour and a half to get to Carroll Street in Brooklyn. I will not be seeing films there unless I absolutely have to--for example, seeing Mayerling in the fall, if they screen it.

True about those feet, Whitney. No clunky shanks or obnoxious-sized boxes on her shoes. Her feet did everything from their own strength.

Yikes, Golden Idol. I have a sense that the subway situation may improve dramatically before the election -- although improvements always tend to be short-lived. I count myself as being supremely lucky to live only a few blocks away down 11th Ave; so hoofing it up to the Landmark to see the Alexander McQueen documentary and the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary and Robert Fairchild in An American in Paris won't be a big deal. I'm glad that you have already decided that Mayerling will be worth the transportation trouble in November. That is going to be an event!

Hi Haglund, I caught the showing last night here in Philadelphia at the Landmark Ritz Five. Very enjoyable show. I'm also hoping the Landmark chain picks up the 2018-2019 Royal Ballet cinema season. I would especially love to see their Bayadere and Don Q.

Lots of interesting narrative choices they made. Having Rothbart participate in Acts I and III as advisor to the Queen gave me an Imperial Russian feel, with Rothbart evoking Rasputin. The Act I men's military inspired costumes also gave me that Imperial Russia vibe.

I can't quite get over Akane Takada's feet - they are hyper arched. The Act I and Act III pas de trois were fantastic.

I wonder how the dancers feel about that grand staircase in Act III - I've heard it can be a hazard because the ladies can't see their feet because of their tutus.

I agree, that ending was curious. I think that's the first production I've seen where Odette dies at the end, but Siegfried doesn't. I've seen plenty of productions where Siegfried and Rothbart battle and die, or Siegfried and Odette both plunge off the cliff and are reunited in apotheosis.

In Philly, the ushers handed out a program. I'm wondering if they did the same in Manhattan? (Linked here:)

Hi BryanP. Were there recliner seats at the Landmark Ritz Five as there were at the Landmark in NYC? They have got to be the new standard from which to watch a movie!

I didn't see any program handouts at the cinema here. Thanks for the link. Before the screening started a manager made an announcement about the number and length of intermissions and total running time.

Alas, Haglund, the Philly Ritz Five has not upgraded its seating - they have the old-school cinema seats. I do prefer the recliner seats when I go out to see a movie, which is maybe three or four times a year.

I would like to thank BryanP for posting a link to the program. We did not get these in NYC.

Hagland, you really want to see the American in Paris HD? I admit I saw it on B'way late in the run, not with Fairchild but with his understudy who took over the role and who had zero chemistry with the leading lady. I'm afraid the whole thing was weak tea for me.

Golden Idol, Fairchild on the big screen. Come on, man. His debut at the premiere performance of AAIP was one of the highlights of the year for me. Make the trip into town, have a drink, and forget about the trip home until it's time for it.

Well, I trucked in from Forest Hills for this showing, and while I agree with Golden Idol that the theatre is very out of the way, I had no trouble getting a crosstown bus to the D to the E. I was back in FH in record time.

I was thrilled to see this Swan Lake; it was such a refreshing change from ABT’s tired production that I don’t think very many of us want to see yet again any time soon. I loved the physical production - the sets and especially the costumes. I agree it did look dark, but I still loved it. I was bothered by the remoteness/lack of chemistry between the principals, but I enjoyed everything else so much that this still gets high marks from me.

Landmark, bring on all the dance films you can handle.

For people near Kansas City, MO: The Tivoli Cinemas will be showing American in Paris with Fairchild and Cope on September 20th and 23rd. Can't wait!

Fabulous, Georgiann! Those are the same dates that we're seeing it in NYC.

Thanks Haglund for this great review. Like Georgiann, I have no theater close to Boston showing this SL. The theater that shows the Bolshoi productions has very comfortable recliners, but unfortunately neither it nor the Landmark Theater here has picked up the Royal in cinema.

Hi Haglund,

I was there last night as well and concur with all that you said. Something that struck me because I'm pretty familiar with the dancers in this company is that the corps parts were filled with soloists and even first soloists. Sure, some corps members too, of course. Just an observation.

Marianela has long been a favorite of mine and aside from her phenomenal technique is her acting which I feel is in a class of its own. I adore that she's a smiling Odile. I get irritated at seeing the role commonly played as a bitch. Odile's not a bitch. She's a temptress. No?

Akane Takada is exquisite! I was thrilled when she was promoted to principle.

Very enjoyable production!

Hi, Laurel.

Of course Odile is a temptress, but also one with an ulterior motive. Both should come through in the characterization.

I totally agree with all of the praises for Akane Takada. Limbs, limbs, limbs, and feet that are attracted to their perfect positions like magnets. Also, such a beautiful and giving stage demeanor. She overcame the weak lighting to shine time and time again.


Glad to hear that you had no transportation woes on Tuesday night. I think we need an offshoot of the #7 line to cut northward up 12th Ave. It probably will happen -- but not in our lifetimes...

I think that the Landmark Cinema folks "know" their area market. Five showings per day of RBG and 10 daily screenings of Alexander McQueen is not the usual Times Square movie house fare.

I'll probably take in S.L. again next Tuesday. Too good to pass up.

Marta (5 comments above), it may be worth it to write to Landmark through its website's Contact Us page about picking up some of the Royal Ballet screenings. https://www.landmarktheatres.com/contact-us-faqs

Hi Haglund,

Thanks for the suggestion about writing to Landmark. They do sometimes show operas or ballets, always at a bizarre time that most mortals can't get to. Definitely worth trying !

Love this rehearsal with Akane, Vadim and coached by Carlos Acosta


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