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August 19, 2018


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Thank you for the great review, Haglund.

It was remarkable to witness Marcelo's unparalleled partnering in Two Pigeons especially as compared to some shaky partnering in the Wheeldon piece (about which I share what I imagine to be your unspoken opinion). It may have been the theater and my proximity to the stage, but I thought a few of the couples were very mismatched in terms of height which made the partnering awkward. And let's not get started on the Cabaret - bare shirts with trousers "costumes".

May Marcelo soon grace the NY stage(s) again.

Les Chat piece was charming - I was distracted by how silly and distracting the too literal eye makeup was on the ballerina - the painted nose and whiskers. Again, perhaps this plays better in a bigger house, but I just kept thinking her face was dirty.

Really enjoyed Monotones I and II as well. I had never seen it. The lines in the choreography were so stunning. I think ABT may have done this last fall? I think I recall some rehearsal footage of Skylar Brandt in it.

Hello, Haglund,

I went Friday night and Saturday afternoon, so I saw the same Monotones cast twice. As wobbly as balances in Monitones I were on Saturday, they were far worse on Friday night - I thought Sadoshima was in danger of tipping over more than once. I’ve seen Monotones I and II many times over the years and have always loved them. There were issues with these performances, but they were still miles better than what ABT produced a few seasons ago.

As for the Ashton excerpts, I loved the Meditation, which I had never seen before. The dancing was gorgeous and those costumes - WOW. What a stunning mood piece.

Les Patineurs is one of my all time favorites (it was on the program the first time I ever went to the ballet; I can still see Michael Smuin spinning as the curtain came down and continuing to spin as the curtain came back up.). However, extracting a short excerpt with costumes but without a set just did not work for me.

Marcelo Gomes: what can one say? As the old cliche goes, I’d watch him dance the telephone book and be thrilled.

Marcelo Gomes was bigger than the Joyce itself. I loved watching him even in that small pas de deux. He is still in prime years and shouldn't have to be without a company.

Sarasota was great. I saw the Saturday afternoon cast. I think Monotones I & II could have improved with more rehearsal time. The balances didn't seem to be in anyone's body yet. In II the opening spinning of the female dancer was stop and go and not a smooth revolution. All of this can be improved and I'm sure it will. Even still, I enjoyed watching their performances very much.

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