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September 01, 2018


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Inspirational stuff Haglund. Use it or lose it, presumably.

Casting is finally posted for the first week of fall shows, and Joaquin has a couple of (final?!) Rubies shows scheduled - am really sad that he won't be able to bid this role goodbye with Megan Fairchild.
I see Isabella LaFreniere lined up to be the Rubies tall girl and Unity Phelan debuting in Emeralds, which I am DYING to see but I don't know if I can watch Sara Mearns bulldoze her way through Diamonds again...

Well this is exciting. I was hoping to see Isabella LaFreniere in Diamonds, but I guess that will just have to wait. My sense is that she could be that rare ballerina who excels in all three jewels.

Is that casting of Lauren King in the Emeralds lead a debut, too, even though it's without asterisk? I cannot wait to see this!!!

Claire Kretzschmar in Rubies is a must see as well. She will certainly be different from those who came before her.

I'm very happy to see Tiler Peck in both Emeralds and in the first movement of Symphony in C. Her musicality in the latter is so natural and unforced.

The biggest cheer of all goes for Maria Kowroski who will blessedly dance in both Diamonds and Symphony in C.

I knew I was making a good investment when I bought tickets for all seven of the performances for this All Balanchine first week.

I’m only sad that I can’t attend all performances. This casting is amazing.

And Harrison Ball & Gonzalo Garcia both return, as well.

All good news. Those two guys have been out a long time.

hi Haglund,

Thanks for casting info. I hope I'll be seeing Kowroski in Diamonds and Peck in Emeralds! The clip of Horiuchi is remarkable. I believe I saw his SAB graduation performance, and remember seeing him several times in his prime. He was/is a wow!

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