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September 17, 2018


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Just as I was penning out a pithy little piece on NYCB's invoking the dynamic pricing scheme too early and too rigidly by refusing to sell any remaining tickets for less than $75, they opened the 4th Ring to sales. A little too late for most, but nevertheless there are some very good $35 seats available.

Will be waiting with bated breath for your review of Isabella in Rubies!

That particular debut (plus important other debuts) comes tomorrow night. I'll definitely be there then and throughout the week and most of next week, so far.

You have my most heartfelt envy Haglund. Here’s to a brilliant season!

Hello Haglund, what a treat to see Pennsylvania Ballet's Jewels in May and NYCB's Jewels in September. I wish I could make it up to Lincoln Center this week. I'm looking forward to experiencing it vicariously through your reviews.

I'll do my best, Bryan. I'm looking forward to coming down to Philly for MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet in October -- probably more than once.

Oh dear, it looks like Huxley is out of Emeralds for tonight and Thursday. Hope he's okay. Looking forward to seeing Spartak Hoxha's debut.

Too bad about Huxley. He’s one of my favorites.

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