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September 21, 2018


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I saw the 9/19 cast at this afternoon's matinee. Lovely performance and my impressions were similar to yours. Joseph Gordon was very promising in this major role. Good thing, since the company is short a few principal dancers and a couple they have are looking a little tired, regrettably. Small quibble; this company is outstanding.

Hi Haglund,

I saw the Thursday night Jewels. Kowroski was sublime; I felt as if she transported us into another sphere. I;m so grateful that she's still dancing. I thought Bouder and de Luz were spectacular in Rubies. Only Emeralds left something to be desired. Its perfume is elusive to begin with. I agree that both Stafford and Angle looked danced out. Stafford in Friday night's Concerto Barocco looked like a different dancer and Reichlen was fantastic! Tschai PdD was thrilling in every way, what an absolute delight to see Tiler Peck and de Luz become the music together! The earlier performance of it in April seems like a pale sketch by comparison. Kowroski was again magnificent in Symphony in C. Joseph Gordon should be promoted to principal. I wish I could see all of these ballets again. Will be counting on your reviews instead!

I saw the Sunday matinee Jewels - hands down Laine Habony should have been the soloist in Rubies as she stole the show there and same as a Demi in Diamonds. I had the same report from several retired City Ballet dancers who were there earlier in the week. Come on City Ballet - use this hidden Jewel - give us more .....

I noticed that Laine and Olivia Boisson together off to the left side made one very fierce pair of Rubies.

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