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September 09, 2018


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Bouder is the worst. She’s habitually miserable. I was never a fan of her dancing either — way too Broadway exaggerated and an over reliance on cartoony tricks.

Bravo Haglund! Identity politics is a scourge. All that matters here are the words that Lincoln Kirstein used to capture the essence of the art: beauty and order.

As if this isn't a horrible enough situation, Bouder has tried to capitalize on it and bring the spotlight to herself. She may think that she's found her Colin Kaepernick opportunity and is awaiting a call from Nike.

Who calls out their own employer on a public forum with no fear of professional blowback? What director is going to want to work with her knowing she’s a self-entitled narcissist and a whiner? She’s be the first to get aboard the retirement tract if I was coming in as the new AD.

Well, she's definitely expendable and probably knows that. Even if all of the current principals left, NYCB has enough talent to carry on without losing a step, and carry on brilliantly. That's one of the marks of a great organization -- that each person no matter their rank or breadth of responsibilities -- is expendable.

I'm so looking forward to the season getting started. I really expect to see everybody dance their feet off.

Excellent essay & expose, Haglund. MCB has gone down under Lopez’ tenure, IMO, beginning with that gawd-awful Baiser De la Fee by Ratmansky, which was mostly a rehash of his Baiser for the Mariinsky in the ‘90s (except that the Mariinsky’s had better designs), yet Miami’s was passed off as a “new” ballet. The redesigns of both the Balanchine Nutcracker and Midsummer Dream are lamentable. Her fostering of certain mediocre female dancers is questionable, while trying to sideline the stars of Villella, particularly Jeanette Delgado. The connection with Finlay - most interesting. Heaven help us if she or Bouder end up as AD of NYCB!

Thanks, Jeannette. I really hope that the board vets the candidates carefully and doesn't turn the process into a Miss Popularity contest.

H, WOW! Fabulous list! But I's like to submit amendments: Did Lucia Chase FOUND a patriarchal ballet company, Did Dame Ninette de Valois FOUND a patriarchal ballet company, Did Celia Franca FOUND…….. to emphasis the point that these were powerful dynamic woman who quite frankly, set in motion the direction of Western Ballet back in age decidedly more sexist than our present one. So I would suggest that those who point the finger at contemporary sexism might to better and get more results if they ‘do like Lucia, and Dame Ninette, and Celia did.

All true, Gary. It was very different time.

Bravo Haglund! You said everything that needed to be said.

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