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September 30, 2018


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I saw this program on Tuesday. The two women sitting next to me liked "Easy" better than "Allegro Brillante" as far as the ballet itself. There are no words, Haglund....

I was also there on Tuesday. Easy is the love child of N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz and Interplay; I’ll take the Robbins, please. There are no words is right.

Susan, I hope the women at least appreciated La Sylphide.

I suspect that Peck thinks that he is updating Robbins' style when, sadly, he's just stealing. We'll see the same MO in Peck's West Side Story movie work -- and he will be rewarded for it, no doubt.

Amen, Haglund. The new boy genius thinks he can fool people and try to copy Robbins. He can strut around all he wants as ballet companies revere him as the new choreographic wonder, but all of his ballets look the same, certainly the "sneaker ballets' and he can't even stand in Robbin's shadow. His CAROUSEL, at least with Ramasar (who is sorely missed unneccessrily) was wonderful because he was copying Robbins who WAS a genius.

After reading this review last Sunday, I hopped right onto the website and got myself a ticket for last Wed’s performance to see Tiler in Allegro Brilliante (could have watched this forever), Anthony as James and Lauren as the girl in the yellow dress. I have to thank you, Haglund, you’ve educated and influenced me to see many such brilliant performances!

I'm glad that I prompted you to get a ticket. I was at that performance as well and thought Roman Mejia was improved and appeared more relaxed. That lumpy muscle on the medial side just above the knee compromises his leg line, but it's hard to say if there is anything he can do about it.

Spielberg was at a performance of "Carousel" and hired him from the strength of that choreography. (I was told this by someone in the cast) It happened right before the Tony Awards. (Myself, I didn't really think the choreography was period appropriate, but...) And no, the people sitting next to me didn't seem to appreciate La Sylphide. Then again, they kept raving about the NYCB Gala using hip-hop and Kayne West.

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