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October 14, 2018


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Thanks for letting us know, Haglund! I just got my ticket. Not that ABT would ever do the ballet, but wouldn't this be a brilliant role for Sarah Lane?

Susan, ITA that Sarah would be a fabulous Princess Stephanie. ABT has for years had one of the Royal Ballet's acclaimed Princess Stephanies in its corps. Gemma Bond danced the role when she was a member of the RB.

According to Lady Deborah MacMillan, who commented on this blog some years ago, the reason that ABT hasn't done Mayerling is that the company claimed that the New York audience wouldn't understand it. Odd how the NY audience understood it very well when the RB brought it to Lincoln Center many years ago. Maybe RB will stop by with Mayerling again next summer since they are touring it to LA in July.

So odd that they think American audiences wouldn’t “get it”. It’s history, if a melodramatic presentation thereof. Read the Wikipedia page and Playbill and you are all set for the most part.

I happened to be in London last week and caught a show of the Royal Ballet. It was my first time seeing Mayerling (other than YouTube clips). I was blown away, and, more surprisingly, my husband ADORED it. He said it was fun to see a ballet that is really carried by a male dancer!

I’m tempted to see it again at Landmark, as it is a different cast.

On that note, tickets for Mayerling at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Downtown LA are on sale now at www.musiccenter.org.
Just snagged a 7th row for the opening night! I was worried for a moment when I didn't see casting info. Then I remembered this was the RB and there isn't a principal they could cast I would be disappointed to see.

NY audiences wouldn't understand Mayerling but they are force fed that miserable piece of cr*p "Afterite"?? Give me a break. Apparently ticket sales for ABT's fall season are bad. Maybe this should serve as a wake-up call for McKenzie to stop with the abysmal programming and groan-inducing casting.

ITA. AfterRite is absolute crap.

Unfortunately, ABT has lost the dancers who would have made fabulous Crown Prince Rudolfs: Marcelo Gomes, Isaac Stappas, Jared Matthews, possibly Radetsky, less possibly but perhaps Hallberg. Stearns could probably pull it off today. Not sure that there is anyone else at the moment.

Tickets to Mayerling at the Landmark have been moving quickly since we posted about it.

Which is why I just booked mine. (Ticket sales spiked from yesterday to today.) A friend of mine absolutely loathes the work and tried to warn me off, but I'll decide for myself, and, really, I wouldn't miss any chance to see Steven McRae.

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