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December 03, 2018


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The comments regarding Brandt are really great.

Her dancing was so clean, on tempo and clear. The coach's proud smile at the end showed me he was pleased. She has learned most of this work in the short time she was in Russia and danced it so well.

I do hope a great European company makes her an offer. She deserves it. ABT certainly isn't giving her the opportunities nor the press showcasing her as an up and comer.

Just finished watching 5th day of Bolshoi Ballet, devoted to Russian modern choreography. Skylar was exceptional. She excelled to the point that judges praised her performance way higher than her partner’s (which she took very gracefully and modestly). Vladimir Malakhov said that if Skylar were partipating, he would give her 12 of the possible 10. Everyone regrets that she is not competing. Kevin, where are your eyes?! Russians, who are very particular and picky in their ballet tastes ( they’ve seen thing or two!) are raving about our girl, and only ABT AD remains blind and deaf.

I watched it too. Everyone's contemporary choreography was as dismal as expected - I had to skip through some of it because it wasn't worth wasting life's precious time.

How hysterical that Malakhov could no longer contain his enthusiasm for Skylar and "awarded" her a "12" out of "10".

Not only, as you say, is the ABT AD blind and deaf but I will bet that he didn't encourage Skylar to sign on for the project. I can just imagine him sniffing loudly and then looking down his nose and saying: “Skylar, this is a big risk that probably won’t pay off for you. I have major plans for your career in 2030 for your retirement year. Misty will coach you in Swan Lake. Just be patient.”

... and so it goes.

Edited to add link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7ryiUDkf_M&feature=youtu.be

Totally agreed about mediocre choreography. There was no single piece that picked my curiosity.

Good for Skylar. Show gives her much needed and much deserved exposure. Too bad that her home company could not give it to her.

Brava Skylar! When I first heard Skylar would be doing this show, I was worried that a ballet competition in Russia would be mean-spirited--not unlike reality shows in the States. Glad to be proven wrong. I'm especially thrilled with how well Skylar's dancing is being received. They are smitten with her!

P.S. I shudder at the thought of the celebrina's coaching.
"I see you did 32 fouettes in the coda. Let try that again, but shoot for 13 this time."
"I see your foot went to passe during the pique turns. How about try just kind of letting your leg limply hang during the turns?"
"I see you did all the hops en pointe as choreographed. Why not stop halfway and just make eyes at your partner instead? We're gonna call it 'acting'!"

This past week's episode has been uploaded to YouTube. Contemporary, again...🙄

Skylar & Julian start here: https://youtu.be/bId4320C7Ds?t=2564

Of special interest is post-performance when judge Thomas Edur (AD Estonian Nat'l Ballet) lauded Skylar for her participation in the whole TV event and the three male judges then actually gave her a standing ovation. Ludmila Semenyaka applauded while remaining seated: https://youtu.be/bId4320C7Ds?t=3314

As for the actual choreography - not anywhere nearly as fascinating as the Balmain costumes. And once again, Svetlana Zakharova is a knockout in her gown and in her presentation.

Gotta pose the question though: given Skylar's performances on this show which is telecast to the most knowledgeable ballet audience on the planet, PARTICULARLY HER PERFORMANCE AS MARGUERITE, why isn't she cast in Manon or given additional opportunities for the spring season? What benefit is McMoron getting from over-casting Copeland in everything? Has her agent promised him help with a book deal, or with hiding something? It's beginning to look like government contract procurement fraud where someone delivers defective goods or services and overbills for them but always gets the contracts anyway via behind-the-scenes manipulation. Actually, it has looked like that for a long time.

Brandt absolutely should have been given more opportunities this year. Along with Cassandra Trenary. Lane and Shevchenko are practically benched in order to make way for lesser dancers.

I don't know the solution. Because the company is completely run by SJW nonsense and big money supporting crusades. Even with ballet fans supporting the technical and artistic artists, it doesn't seem to be making an impression. The powers seem to be willing to see the company collapse rather than support truth.

Loving the show Haglund; haven't missed a minute! Skylar has won already. But care to predict who's going to take home the trophy? I'd say the ballerina who got a perfect score for Manon a couple episodes back.

I think you're probably right.

I wonder what the Russian TV ratings have been like for the program week-in and week-out.

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