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February 28, 2019


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Agree, Haglund. I think this is a great decision and a deserved recognition of the work Johnathan has done to date in his leadership role. I hope he continues his trend of bringing some Balanchine-era dancers back to coach the existing dancers.

I think Wendy's appointment is in an appropriate role, and do think she can thrive in it.

I agree. I have no doubt that Wendy can thrive in it. The question is, will the company thrive? Can she be of tremendous help in the B&W Balanchine rep and the Wheeldon rep? Of course. Can she also promote divisiveness by attracting a clique of Bouderites who don't like Stafford's decisions. Of course she can. We'll just have to wait and see if she agrees to work for Stafford or wants to create her own queendom. It is somewhat concerning that the choice of Wendy is being characterized as the Board's, not a recruitment by the new AD. I hope this doesn't mean that she has an open way to function around the AD.

I can't say that I'm thrilled about Wendy doing programing and choosing new choreography and new choreographers. Her post-NYCB stab at that produced nothing of value, IMO.

Now excuse me while I step away to write a check to renew my expired NYCB donor membership.

Excellent. Relieved that it's not some other folks who were mentioned earlier as being top choices.

Agree, Jeannette. This could have turned into quite the nightmare.

To add: Justin Peck appointed as Artistic Advisor in addition to his role as resident choreographer.

I'm going to give Wendy a chance. I wonder if some of her endeavours post-NYCB are indicative of what she'd choose to bring to NYCB rather than vehicles for herself post-retirement. If the latter, I'll agree with you Haglund. I'll pass :)

Yes, definitely give Wendy a chance. We'll see soon enough what her tastes are when the 2019-2020 season is announced.

Congratulations to Stafford and Whelan! I hope it becomes a fruitful partnership.

Excellent decision by the Board.

What happens to Rebecca Krohn and Craig Hall?

They're still ballet masters.

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