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February 27, 2019


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Glad to hear Sara’s debut in this ballet went well. I hope NYCB puts this piece back on more frequently.

Yes, it was an impressive debut.

It's interesting for the audience member to discover his own perspective. The viewer tendency is to feel as though he is on the outside looking in while watching most ballets. This would be the case if Ulbricht's character, the Sigh, were banging his fists trying to get the Door to open and let him IN.

However, if one entertains the idea that Ulbricht is banging on the Door for it to open so that he can go OUT (as in, to let out a Sigh), that means that the audience is watching from the INSIDE with him somewhere -- which makes it a little more suspenseful.

Hi Haglund,

I saw it a couple of years ago with Kowroski and Ulbricht. Unforgettable ballet, I loved it! I agree with you about the Sigh wanting out. It's a fascinating premise and indeed the ballet is anxiety provoking. Thanks for the great review.

Thanks, Marta.

Big news at NYCB. Stafford AD of NYCB and SAB and Wendy as AAD.

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