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March 04, 2019


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Walker and Habony were outstanding in the pas in Opus - subtle movement with clear intent exactly how Robbins designed it to be,

I’ve always enjoyed Bouder’s performances, but lately she seems to be flipping out online. She needs to take a serious break away from social media, pronto. On her Instagram stories last week, filming her umpteenth daily ritual documentation of her daughter’s walk to school, the daughter just stopped cold on the sidewalk and demanded that she stop filming her, then knocked the camera right out of her mother’s hands. Even Mini Me has had enough!

I couldn't disagree more about Alberda and Catazaro! Catazaro looked the part but he just didn't have the strength. I don't think he wowed me once. Alberda, on the other hand, has stood out to me these past couple of seasons. He has a fluidity and grace to his dancing, and his jumps always have that extra oomph compared to those next to him.

As for the lack of leading men... let Mejia be developed a few more seasons! Whenever he's on the stage--even just in the background--I feel like there's a spotlight on him and I can't look away. I love how tall and broad he is.

Looking forward to a great spring season!

Catazaro was just getting started. He had to overcome multiple injuries and was on a very good path up until his departure.

I don't disagree that Alberda has some nice qualities, but I find him very uninteresting and frequently looks like he's resting when he should be dancing full out. Sunday he had to dance along side Mejia for a bit. The difference between their energies and their performance qualities was vast.


Was that on Bouder's 'gram account, or the special one she created for her daughter (with said toddler's consent, I'm sure)?

I saw the comment on the in-law's 'gram page and gasped. This is beyond chutzpah. Not sure what to call it.


Diana: It was her own Instagram account, on her daily stories feed, where she always posts videos of her daughter. (The stories only last for 24 hrs.) Was the best thing I've seen on Instagram in a month.

She seriously did that? Wow, she needs professional help. That is disturbing.

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