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March 10, 2019


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Hi Haglund, thanks for the heads up about Don Q. I'll be watching it on April 2 at the Philadelphia Ritz Five.

Did you know that Ballet Alert moderators will excise any mention of your blog or a link to it? So, if I see news on your site, e.g. Sarah Lane getting a Swan Lake, I'll wait for it to show up on her Instagram or something like that and will then post on BA. I do like to share the news with that community (and likewise, depend on BA for news, as well).

I'd certainly include an "as first reported on Haglund's Heel" if I could...

In any case, thanks for the news about Catazaro. I thought he had the best chances of coming back after the scandal, as he seemed the least involved of the three men.


Another thanks for the heads up on Don Q. My favorite seat was free when I checked, so I’m good to go.

ROFL, Fondoffouettes, yes, I was aware of the shunning. Helene K. has quite the issue with the influence of our alternative opinions. However, she and Captain Dale can't seem to stop themselves from regularly reading H.H. It makes us proud...

Thank you for your consideration with respect to our content as well as for your participation in the conversation.

By the way, the full casting for the Hallberg/Osipova Onegin at Bayerisches Staatsballet has not yet been posted. Possibly Catazaro will show up there. Also, he's overdue for a crack at Diamonds. Months ago I was envisioning a Catazaro/LaFreniere Diamonds when the roof caved in. But maybe Zelensky will give him a shot. It would be a hoot if he ended up in the same cast as Bouder's Rubies. That performance is scheduled to be streamed live on the internet. So stay tuned.

Thanks again, FOF!

I think that is so hilarious you have Ballet Alert stalkers, Haglund! I frequently find the environment stuffy with the stringent rules over there, but keep going back because it does have a lot of people who are passionate about our art form. But it completely cracks me up that they "shun" you but stalk your blog!!! Puhh-lease. :)

The BA micro-management freaks have a double standard of rules: rules for their political pets and rules for all the rest. For ex, links to Haglund’s blog are deleted...but pets are allowed to shamelessly plug their own blogs with links...instead of writing their thoughts directly on the BA forum.

FYI: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvB9K_YggRO/

Just sayin', he should someday get a crack at Onegin, too.

Thrilled about Catazaro, but he should be dancing NYCB repertoire. Could this ever happen? Hate to beat a dead (almost) horse- but there’s another half naked photo on Lauren Lovette’s Instagram and I’m wondering if she ever gets reprimanded. Talk about a double standard. No fair! Guess I could bear the photo without the bullshit or the maybe the bullshit without the photo. It seems so gratuitous.

lol, yes, Suki, Lauren's preaching is precious.

Looks like Catazaro is rehearsing Diamonds in Munich, as well.

INDEED! I was just in the process of updating today's observations! Thanks much!

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