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March 21, 2019


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Mearns was exceptional and those who already know her physicality and artistry in dance got the added gift of hearing her lustrous voice. She needs to keep talking (although Anna Harada got the best line!). As for Bergasse, no wonder she’s crazy about him.

ITA, Suki. And didn't she look fabulous in that wig and in that stage makeup? The naturalness in her expression was strikingly beautiful.

She looked absolutely gorgeous! I hope she considers easing up on the severe eyeshadow and dark lipstick once she’s back at the ballet.

I totally agree, Yukionna. Whoever designed her makeup for this production and for The Red Shoes that she danced in at City Center a couple of years ago should follow her back to NYCB and help her break her addiction to the gothic style of makeup that hides her natural expression. I'd rather see her in no makeup on stage than what she uses at NYCB.

I saw her at the Studio 5 workshop and was captured by her naturalness and easy humor. Surprisingly self-deprecating (neat to know). Love the voice. I had a similar reaction when I first heard Irina Dvorovenko speak. Garbo talks!

Attended yesterday’s wonderful Encores matinee performance of I Married An Angel, which includes the always enjoyable talk back session with Jack Viertel and the show’s cast/production people. Of interest was Sara Mearns noting one way she turned her inability to remember lines into a technical skill: by using her muscle memory and stage blocking, treating it like choreography. “When I’m over here I say this line. Then I move here and say this line.” Lots of hard work paid off, she had no problems during the show, and her dancing was like a dream. And hooray once again to Encores for casting one of our local prima ballerinas in a major speaking role, letting everyone share in her talent and helping her stretch in new directions. In addition, the audience was genuinely stunned to hear that Brigitta the Angel was named for Vera Zorina.

I found it quite sad that nowhere in the program or the article in the Playbill was there any mention of the original director of "I Married An Angel," Joshua Logan. He worked with Rodgers and Hart several times, and nary a word. Even Richard Rodgers, curmudgeon that he could be, said that Logan was a major contributor to Angel's success. (I don't know if he was mentioned at all at the talkback, but I doubt it) And unfortunately, I think that we already heard what there is of Mearns's singing voice.

SF, there was indeed much discussion of Josh Logan and how I Married An Angel was the result of a real collaborative effort between himself, George Balanchine, Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. There was a gentleman on the panel (whose name I've forgotten) who worked with Logan during the last 2 or 3 decades of his life, who was there specifically to give us Logan's take on the production, with many choice anecdotes included.

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