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April 19, 2019


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Love your review, Haglund. I was there also and for me the lowest moment was the awful Hamrick piece. I don’t know where you sat, but from up in the Second Ring it really looked pedestrian. Even the star power of Cornejo couldn’t save it for me. Then there was Boylston. Is she never, ever going to do anything with those floppy wrists and claw hands? They ruin the look of everything she does. As for Tarantella, that was the blandest of the bland. God forgive me for saying this, but the last truly great Tarantella I saw was done by the Trocks a decade ago. Agree about the highlights of Kimin Kim, the Paso Doble and Caught.

Denys, congratulation! You are the King of Ballroom, as I always said!
All of YOU: your trained body ( since age of four), your everyday hard work, your brain, your heart, your soul, your talent and sacrifice for art of dance - You ARE the real Art!

With love,


Hi, Ellen.

I was sitting so close that I thought the strobe lights were going to trigger my first seizure. I'll have to be more careful the next time I see Caught on the schedule.

Unfortunately, I missed the Trocks' performance of Tarantella which was to be in Hudson River Park a summer or two ago. But thankfully, there is rehearsal video. The backdrop of the river is quite pleasing, but the baseball cap on the dancer is everything.


MK, your friend Denys was ferocious in last night's performance. Tremendous, just tremendous.

From the bottom of my heart,Thank you dear Haglund, for your comments and appreciation of my son Denys! His Dance is my Life!



MK, it's always my pleasure to talk about a fabulous performance.

Indiana debuted Tarantella in 2017 at the Kennedy Center. We actually have rehearsal footage of it:


Just saw the Friday evening performance which had a slightly different program. I agree that Kim was definitely the highlight of the evening but I also enjoyed the Carmen pas de deux. Of the swans, I have to say that Calvin Royal was the most horrifying. What a terrible idea to add another dancer to the Fokine work, randomly wandering the stage flapping. Wow. Could not wait until it was over. On the other hand, it was inspiring to see some of the talented youth

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