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May 05, 2019


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If you can, Haglund, you might want to get over to see "High Button Shoes" at Encores this week. The show is slight yet fun, but obviously the big draw is the fact that they use the original Robbins choreography for the "Bathing Beauties Ballet" and the "I Still Get Jealous" soft shoe duet. (It must be because these two numbers were done for "Jerome Robbins Broadway," so the steps are preserved) I am totally dating myself, but I remember, as a wee lass, being completely enchanted by the Bathing Beauties ballet when I saw "Jerome Robbins Broadway." Of course, the Encores cast is not able to produce the sharpness and the precision of the JRB cast (who rehearsed for six months!) in this piece, but there is more charm and wit in the ten minutes of Robbins choreo then in any other choreography being performed on Broadway right now, including the rest of "High Buttons Shoes." (Fun fact---when Robbins was putting JRB together and trying to create a framework for the piece, he insisted that he didn't want it to be about himself. It's called "Jerome Robbins Broadway," how can it not be about him?! As Jason Alexander, who was in the show and who helped to create the structure for it, said-- Robbins had a "very strange" ego!)

Thanks, Susan.

I may make it there this weekend. By the way, folks, performances are available on TDF at the moment.

That's how I got my ticket, Halgund, which was Row M in the orchestra, smack dab in the middle. It was a perfect seat to see the show.

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