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May 03, 2019


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I am enjoying a NY City Ballet weekend and benefitted from reading your insights before arriving in NY. There were so many corps and soloist dancers that impressed me. Baily Jones really stood out in Scotch Symphony: excellent technique and such a charming stage presence. I will be looking out for her going forward. Peter Walker and Roma Mejia had caught my attention before and did not disappoint. I saw Walker in Slaughter on 10th Avenue and he held his own with Sara Mearns. Mejia replaced an injured dancer in Western Symphony and blazed through his variation and demonstrated great humor with his (much taller) partner, Theresa Reichlan. Such a treat to see so many Balanchine ballets in 48 hours.

Jennifer, you made it into town on a good weekend!

It's almost embarrassing how much rising talent there is percolating in the men's corps. Roman Mejia definitely has a broad spectrum of talent. Also, Spartak Hoxha is the standout in whatever line of dancers he's in. He is such a cut above the rest that it seems that we should be seeing much more of him in soloist roles. Also, Alec Knight seems to be an all-around gifted performer in addition to being a very good technician.

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