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May 26, 2019


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Sad to learn from Instagram that Ashly Isaacs has left the company. I noticed that her name was appearing less and less on the casting lists. I wish her all the best, and wonder if this opens the door for a corps promotion to soloist?!

Ashly was sidelined quite a bit due to injury. It's such a shame when that happens, and it happens all too often.

It appears that due to Maria's current injury, we will see Sara Mearns and Miriam Miller as Titiana on her MND dates this week.

I saw Megan LeCrone dance Dewdrop in December (filling in for Reichlen sadly) and was distracted by the extreme stone face. It’s almost menacing. What is usually such a joyful variation was a big downer and I would not choose to watch her again. Totally unprofessional in my opinion. Slap on a smile and force it if you must, it was Nutcracker FGS.

So true, Gerry, it is part of performing. Megan did make an effort in S&S to be more joyful. In last night's opener of Midsummer Night's Dream, she also made more of an effort, and was overall more energetic. The result was a performance with an improved impact. But much more is needed. This has always been somewhat of an issue with her dancing which is a shame considering how blessed she is with her instrument and facility.

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