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July 01, 2019


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Wow! Even seeing a small image on my laptop is enough to appreciate the polish and artistry of Sarah Lane and Herman Cornejo! Sarah nailed the fouettes! Thank you to the person who filmed this, and thank you to Hagland for posting this! You both made my day!!

Thanks for sharing. Sarah did a wonderful job. Her technique is spotless. Any word on how the Saturday night show went with David and Ms. Copeland? Not much buzz about it.

Hi, Haglund . I can't get it to play, maybe because of my lousy internet service in South America. Will try again later. But thank you so much to whoever went to such lengths to film this and thank you, Haglund, for posting it. Also thank you, Haglund, for your review of Aran Bell's Swan Lake. How exciting to read that a bona fide star might be in the making. Hope KMcK doesn't screw it up.

Hi, Slippersgirl. Sorry that you're having trouble accessing the video from South America. Be sure to try the highlighted link, too. I'm not tech savvy enough to propose a solution for you -- sorry.

Per the comment upthread re Misty's perf, a commenter on another dance site who was there stated that she didn't even attempt the fouettes -- just a menage around the stage. David seemed a bit off, and basically kept propping her up. As expected. Yeesh.

I know, I know. Yeesh is right...

In this picture on Herman's I-gram, https://www.instagram.com/p/BzOP7PugwfV/ Misty's middle area and abdomen look quite bloated. Maybe there's another reason that she felt flu-like. 🤮 (Could we ever get that lucky?) If she's not ___, then she appears quite out of shape which would suggest why she couldn't at least make the effort to deliver a respectable Odile.

Thanks so much for sharing Haglund, and BLESS YOU to whoever filmed that. Sarah and Herman were stunning. I may never get to see these two in Swan Lake, unless the ABT gods are good with us, so THANK YOU for recording and sharing with the world.
About Misty's stomach, I doubt it's what you think. Would she really dive to a mat at the end if that were the case? Maybe she's following Isabella Boylston method of eating pasta before a performance. Spoiler alert: carb loading is best when done AFTER a competition/performance, not before. It allows you to recover better but it doesn't give you more endurance.

Thank god for the Haglund community! We are devoted tribe of Sarah fans. Hopefully this gorgeous performance secured her an O/O next year.

Sublime, even from that tiny video.

Katie, it is sublime, isn't it. I noticed that if viewing it from the link directly to the Google drive, I wasn't able to increase the size of the picture. However, if viewed from the blog post, a couple of keystrokes of Command+ will improve the size of the screen.

Sooo happy for Sarah and sooo grateful to the mystery fan who shot this video. Not only is it a treasure but it is a testament to the quality of her technique and the artistic maturity that has been developing over the years. Thank you again.

Even from the “top of the football stadium,” you can still tell it’s Lane and Cornejo. What a fantastic performance. Thank you, Superfan, for this amazing video, and to Haglund, for sharing it with us. You’ve made me, and many others, very, very happy.

I don't know if this comment goes here, but I got back from the Lane/Cornejo Sleeping Beauty a little while ago - it was gorgeous!! They're both so *pretty*, aside from being beautiful dancers. They reminded me of glamorous, old-fashioned movie stars. The audience was a bit of a dud - some empty seats, and the three rows in front of me bolted before the bows, which I hate. On the plus side, I think I had a Heather Watts sighting in the ladies' restroom, which was terribly exciting!

Thanks, Julie. I was there last night and totally agree with you. I'll publish some notes soon.

Hi Haglund,

Thanks for this video, it's fantastic! I'm a huge fan of Sarah Lane. Now for the first time, I'll be seeing both the Ratmansky SB Friday night and Cornejo! My only fear is that I'll hate the bulky costumes. As it is I often find myself thinking during an ABT performance, "I wish they were wearing leotards and tights." Looking forward to reading your review.

A few years ago Keith Roberts became my favorite Duke of Verona ever. He stole an entire act of R&J with his commanding, demanding presence. I was thrilled to see his Carabosse last night. He did not disappoint this fan.

Lane and Cornejo, what can I say? There are not enough superlatives.

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