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August 18, 2019


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Sarah Lamb impressed me the most. Funny that I must have seen her with the Boston Ballet and never noticed her skill.

I think Edward Watson is excellent, but I preferred his performance in Metamorphosis.

Usually I look for choreography first when I watch ballet and dance, but this time I must say it's the dancers.

Perhaps this venue is the only way we can see the Royal Ballet every year. Gotta get to London...

It certainly would be nice if the Royal Ballet came to the Joyce every year, but I don't see that as likely. It's been great that we've also been able to see their cinema-cast transmissions in New York.

From what I understand, companies are restricted to every other year at most (a la the Trocks) because of demand for the space; The Joyce has a waiting list of companies applying to come in. Thanks very much for the review, Haglund; a last minute emergency forced me to miss the 3 programs for which I had tickets.

I hope Matt Ball & Yasmine Naghdi's Romeo and Juliet gets a screening in NYC.

Unrelated: most of the defendants in the Waterbury case have now responded, with SAB requesting sanctions.

Yukionna, I don't want the comments in this post to veer off into Waterburyland, but I just want to clarify that all of the defendants' and plantiff's counsels were due to appear in court to argue the dismissal motions on August 13th. There is nothing in the document lists that indicates this did not happen as scheduled. It would have been very unusual for the judge to hand down a decision from the bench on that date. More likely, we'll see it a month or two from the date of the appearances--unless, of course, something happened that hasn't yet made it officially onto the case document list.

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